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Trouble shooting - unable to download Google play store apps

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Mobile phones - does your battery drain too fast?

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9 Quick Tips For Buying The Right Smartphone Part 2

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9 quick tips for buying the right smartphone - part 1

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Tips and Tricks: Fix GPS issues in Smartphones

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iOS 11.2.6, and enhanced security - what you need to know

iPhone has managed to take security to a whole new level ever…...

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Oppo F7 and the new issues

The cat is out of the bag so as to speak,

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Micromax power button issues - what to do next

Well, it certainly seems that every smartphone that comes out these days,…...

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Four tips to getting your phone to function seamlessly

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Dual SIM or single SIM - the perennial smartphone dilemma

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Cellphone addiction - how to cope with it

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Google authenticator - how to use it to protect your Google accounts using your android

When it comes to it, no amount of security or special apps…...

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Is it safe to use mobile phones?

That’s a billion dollar question and of course, the jury’s still out as to…...

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Whatsapp and androids- data issues

If you are facing data issues with your mobile phone and have just found out…...

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Samsung s9 and the camera that you’ll want to try out

If you had purchased older Samsung galaxy phones then you would have realized that that…...

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Must know hacks for customizing your phone

There are many ways that you can customize your phone and get…...

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Tips and Tricks: Samsung galaxy s9 and s9+ fast charging

From televisions to smartphones, Samsung manufacturers a lot of electronic devices. The company is a true giant in the electronic…...

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Honor 7x Tips and Tricks

The Honor 7X is Huawei’s latest mid-range smartphone to have hit the markets. Available in the United…...

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