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How to change Icon of Any Android App?

Hello everyone, today I'm back with another customization trick for your Android device. Everyone loves customizing their UI features to make…...

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How to download Android Go Apps for any Android Devices

Nowadays, Android Apps are too much heavy to be used for any Android smartphone. Take Facebook, for example, it is…...

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Top For hassle free typing, try out these 8 iPhone keyboard apps 2018

Well, some of us have trouble using both hands to type out the message and as a result, our…...

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5 health and fitness apps june 2018

There are various reasons why you would want to start exercising more – either to look great and fit…...

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5 best GIF creators for androids

The fact remains that texting has taken over calling and while one argument is that the…...

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Here is how you connect your android to your TV

If you are one of those tech geeks who loves nothing more than to connect his…...

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You tube implements take a break feature

Take your pick, be it on your way to the office or in the morning, just…...

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Facebook forays into online dating

Just when you thought that it could not get any weirder than this, then we…...

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Top camera apps for the android

With new smart phones hitting the market just about every other month,  with better built-in…...

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The Best Social Android Apps of 2018

We all love talking and texting to the people outside our area to make us more social. Being…...

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How to get paid iOS apps for free

Let’s not hide with facts as we all love free apps and love to use every app…...

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How to Disable Auto Update Apps from Google Play

It gets very terrifying when you are connected to your friends or parents's WiFi and suddenly out of…...

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3 Best SMS Spam Blocking Apps on iOS 11

There are several SMS spam blocking apps on the App Store and we used many of them since the launch…...

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How to download paid Android Apps for free

Play Store is a wonderful app for downloading Android Apps, but it lacks when you have to download…...

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DisneyNOW will now telecast TV Apps

In some earlier days, Disney has had one app for each of its TV networks - Disney Channel,…...

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Google has deleted over 500 Suspicious Apps from Play Store


What's the news?

  • Google has removed over 500 apps that included mobile games for…...
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Top rated 5 Android Apps of 2017

If you're a techno lover and an Android geek and you dream about Android Apps all the day…...

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Siri gets smarter, now to get smarter with your other apps

With the launch of iOS 10 last year, Apple gave third-party app developers the option to add…...

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Eight Best and Popular Fitness apps for iPhone

If you have got an iPhone then this might be the high time to stop texting and start working out…...

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