iPad Review in 2018. Worth Buying?

Still, iPad is the best-selling tablet in the market but after the eight years of updates, it’s always kind of looked roughly the same. Yes, we have had a touch Id and a few other updates but finally, it’s got a whole new design. Could this finally be the iPad to replace your laptop?

ipad 2018

Wherever you are from windows Mac or Android I don’t think anyone can argue that this is one beautiful tablet. The new design sees more screen and well less of everything else. There’s now an almost edge to edge screen with curved corners which Apple is calling the liquid retina LCD. The home button is completely gone and now it replaced with the face ID. Apple has also ditched the lightning connector in favor of USB Type- C. Its gone much more squared looking than the previous iPad. And at this stage, I’m not sure what I prefer there is something nice about the previous generations rounded back edges for holding in your hand at the same time it gives the device and more pro look and if it’s much closer to the look of the new Mac Book Pro. I guess it’s down to personal preference.

The thickness of the device is now just 5.9 millimeters. The sides are quite minimal with just the power and volume buttons plus the all-new USB Type -C port. Apple is clearly trying to get this into many Pro hands as they can and they’re hoping USB-C will do that. On the back now we have the camera bump for the 12-megapixel camera.

ipad 2018 review

Now the screen is absolutely gorgeous and I think the rounded corners of the display really help to modernize its look. It comes with the same promotion  120Hz screens of the iPad Pro strong last year which still look great. Any content you have on this screen really pops transitions and animations are all super fast. Even though this may not be the highest resolution screen on the market I still do believe its far one of the best.

Replacing the home button with face ID, I really think it’s a great addition. It has also added with a new upgraded Apple cover with the keyboard included and Apple pencil 2.0.  And this whole set up will be available for almost 1600$. It’s pretty expensive for the whole set I think.

iPad Pros have never been slow but this one is super fast. Thanks to the new a 12x Bionic chip and the graphics have also seen a major improvement. Apple claimed that this iPad has a much power as the Xbox 1 which I think is pretty incredible. Everything here runs super smooth and well customized.

The USB-C port helps you connect cameras. But its still a disappointment that you can’t attach an external hard drive into this. But you can use it as a mobile video editor as we can use its 4k display but not having the option of external footage makes that task a little bit more difficult.

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The smart keyboard is much improved over the fast generation and the second typing angle is welcome the new Apple pencil. It has the same specs as before but they have changed how it works instead of charging it by plugging into the bottom of the iPad. You can lay the pit on the side and it magnetically attaches to the iPad and charges directly.  The speakers are doing good.

Everything on the specs this is really a good side without its pricing. It’s much ok if you can consider the roadblocks and price of this iPad.

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