OnePlus 6T Review: Expectations, Bugs, and Performance

OnePlus 6T is running successfully since they launch after 10 days. So after using these days, we have seen its performance. So we are here to give its full review after 10 days of uses and what I liked about this device and what are some of the peculiar things that I've noticed with this device. But you know OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T is almost similar but in terms there some difference between this two. So lets see its pros and cons :

oneplus 6t review

The first thing you will notice with the OnePlus 6T compared to earlier that the screen it's slightly bigger if we compare. And OnePlus 6 had a big notch but in OnePlus 6T we have water drop design notch and if you also notice closely at the bottom you can also see the bezels the bells are a lot thinner on the OnePlus 6T. So it gives an immersive experience if you actually use the navigation option that one glass has given where you can use the entire screen if you want so that way it's a good screen and also coming back to the AMOLED screen that there is a full HD plus not quad HD or anything like that but again but the quality of the screen is actually really good. I didn't have any problem using this and also in terms of auto brightness calibration has done on this I don't have to worry too much about.

Now I'm going to one thing that I've really liked about this device that in general it's not only restricted to those OnePlus 6T, its Oxygen movers and still this thing are doing a fabulous job in terms of updating and polishing it. In my opinion, it is the smoothest UI I've ever seen on Android. It is very fast no lag whatsoever. So in that way, oxygen is the trump card for this one. Its 845 plugin provides in terms of daily performance or day-to-day usage  no lag. Whatsoever you will see it's a very fast device over one of the fastest I would say. Everything you click it pops  up very early, in the aspect they have  done a really good job.

oneplus 6t under display fingerprint

So now I'm going to the biggest thing, about this OnePlus 6 device there in place which had the severe fingerprint scanner but if you notice this one at the back it simply don't have that they have with them in display fingerprint scanner on this one an actually it works fantastic. Well, I was also very skeptical but you can check the performance of this in-display fingerprint scanner is really good and it's actually really fast too. Yes, it is not as fast as a dedicated what to do you say fingerprint scanner physical thing this film scanner on the back but again it's not slow at all so much. And as I'm using it unlocks almost 98% time so you can realize how good it is. During the last 10 days, I have got three updates and it keeps improving on my sight.

I have no issue with the call and listening with the speaker. It feels all good to me. They are loud and clear.

This battery of this OnePlus 6T is very reliable. It is far better than OnePlus 6 as we can see OnePlus 6 was generally giving me anywhere between 5 to 6 hours of screen on time it is not typical I use it and this OnePlus 6T can actually go anywhere between six and a half to about eight  hours of screen on time so in terms of battery life 'yes' I have seen good improvement. So in my opinion for normal users, it will easily last for one and a half days and for the casual user it can last for two days and if you are a sort of very heavy user also full day will last without any issues. And it has also fast charging so all over it will give you really a good back up.

In OnePlus 6T they added 128GB of minimum storage. And in this device, you don't have to worry about sd card because they simply don't have any micro SD slot so the storage is what you get you have to contend with that.

There is nothing much change in camera. As same as the previous OnePlus 6 device but they are updating their UI and improving day by day so in you don't have to worry about this.

oneplus 6t performance

So whatsoever I found this phone very well for me. And OnePlus is working on their updates though we know it will take more than 5-6 months for OnePlus 7. And it's going to have the new Snapdragon that supports 5 gene and I also feel with that OnePlus 7 they will also change the camera configuration. Hope they will put better cameras hardware.

Anyways that's it for now for this new trending OnePlus 6T. Keep tuned.

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