Oppo f7 vs Vivo V9

Ever since iPhone came out with their design notches so did the others, including both F7 and V9. Both these phones were recently launched in India and both contain the design notches. Both these phones run on android, carry similar iPhonex design notches, and are more or less similar with just a 1000 INR price difference between the both of them. Of course, this begs the question as to which one is better which is why we have compared both below. Please check it out and you should soon know which one is a better buy and provides you with something better for your money’s worth.

The look


oppo f7 image

Both the F7 and V9 have the new sleek look; both are made of plastic but the V9 looks better as it weighs lesser than f7. The other reason that the V9 ranks one better than F7 is that simply put, the V9 comes with a new cured look which makes it easier to carry the same. Usually Phones in this range come with a notification LED but the oppo F7 does not have one whereas V9 does, but as far as the overall look goes, both the phones come with thin borders at the edge of their screen along with the notch at the top. The notch in question houses everything from the selfie camera to ear piece grill and a couple of sensors. The other important difference between the two is that V9 comes with dual rear cameras whereas Oppo F7 comes with only one.


 From Qualcomm snap dragon to media tek’s helio - even these are quite similar when it comes to the performance. V9 comes with only 4 GB ram and 64 GB internal storage but on this end, the F 7 does one better by offering 6GB ram along with 124 GB storage space. You can expand the internal storage on both these phones up to 256GB. With more RAM, the F7 is definitely the faster one but just slightly. Both sport similar screen sizes at around 6.3 inches and given the specs so far, it is no wonder that they match up evenly.


Oppo F7 Full Specs


Vivo V9 Full Specs



As the hardware utilized in both these phones is different, it is but natural for the performance to vary as well.  Both the phones are fast but the F9 is certainly faster when it comes to loading the apps to running multiple apps at the same time.  Since they both have 19:9 screen ratio, you might have expected that they would indeed be quite similar to each other in matters like app scaling. But you would be surprised, for V9 runs its apps with 18:9 or 16:9 while the F7 runs compatible apps in the full screen mode. Both the phones enable you to change the aspect ratio as much as you like and set it as per preference. The other aspect is that both these phones offer facial recognition thereby making it easier to unlock the main features of the phone. But it is the V9 that actually scans your iris thereby making it more secure of the two.


Here’s where the F7 scores over V9 in a big way; the V9 runs for 8 hours and 49 minutes whereas the F7 goes on for 17 hours and 13 minutes. So if you are looking for a phone that can stay charged for long, then you may want to take a closer look at F7




 It is evident that both the phones differ a lot when it comes to cameras. The V9 comes with dual rear camera withy 16 MP primary sensors and 5 MP depth sensors. The F7 comes with only one 16 MP camera. This is one of the main reasons why taking selfies on V9 looks great. Both the cameras are loaded with features that allow you to shoot beautiful pics, edit and make it even more beautiful with various editing features.

The conclusion:

 F7 is slight better than V9 for the simple reason that it lasts longer and provides you with slightly better performance. This is why you may want to check them out and choose the one that you need.


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