Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9

Comparing both the Samsung galaxy S8 and S9 is akin to splitting hairs for both are equally good with a few slight improvements, thanks to the S9. Here’s to taking a closer look at both these phones.



Specs: Both the phones operate with Octo core while both come with the same display as well – about 5.8 inches. Both the phones come with the same internal storage, 4GB ram and around 64 GB internal storage and these instruments come with 12-megapixel camera as well. They also come with the same 3000mAH battery so both the phones will operate for the same duration. The instruments come with a dual sim and while s8 works on Nougat, S9 operates on Oreo; the difference is better speed and seamless functionality which should help to improve user experience. Additionally, both the phones work with all mobile operators and is available in 4G, 3G as well as 2G.


Special features: The neat thing about these Samsung Androids is the fact that they come with proximity sensor, light sensor accelerometer, barometer, compass and gyroscope. Apart from the usual bells and whistles, these add-ons do provide users with what they need; important information in real time, the S9 also comes with an RGBW sensor as well.  Both the S8 and S9 come with an iris scanner which should provide you with that extra layer of security and the S8 contains one special add on, a heart rate monitor which may be essential for users who need to monitor their cardio activity round the clock.



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Security features: Given the fact that smartphones are often stolen, it is nice to know that both the Samsung phones come with advanced security features including a fingerprint sensor. This should provide all users with an additional safety feature to use and protect their information and data from unauthorized access.


General: Both the phones are robust, dustproof, and water resistant up to 30 meters, which is more than you can say for most phones. To put it in perspective, both these phones should still work despite water damage, but it would be advisable to take care of your instrument rather than drop it into a puddle in the first place. The S9 is slightly shorter than S8, but still comes packed with all the regular features; both the phones come with gorilla glass which should provide for better protection for your instrument.

Both the S8 and S9 come with similar features; the S9 comes with enhanced video features as well as talk time for up to 22 hrs – the S8 only provides for 20 hrs of talk time. The good news is that both the S8 and S9 comes with chargers that work really fast, so if you are wondering if either of these two would take too long to charge, well, you are in for a surprise.



Multi media: Both the instruments come with good, effective speakers and you can set them at the preferred level. FM radio is not offered on either of these phones, but they come with an audio jack(3.5mm).

Camera: Both the S8 and S9 comes with exposure compensation and ISO control; apart from which, both the phones come with f1.7 aperture, which makes the camera shoot better, and even take long exposures. The cameras on both the instruments comes with an image resolution of (4000*3000 pixels); while the S8 comes with an Exmore-RS CMOS Sensor, the S9 comes with CMOS image sensor.

Both are equipped with image stabilization so if your hand happens to shake a lot when shooting videos or taking a picture. But the good news is that the image stabilization should kick in, which should enable you to take the required image, without compromising on quality.



Battery: Both the S8 and S9 batteries are not user replaceable; essentially this means that you will have to head over to a support center to get your battery changed, once in two years or so. The batteries in these instruments take very little time to get fully charged and can also be charged by wireless method as well.


Network connectivity:  Both the S8 and S9 comes with Wi-Fi 802.11, a/ac/b/g/n/n 5GHz, MIMO; the S9 comes with both WIFI direct as well as mobile hotspot, and both the instruments have Bluetooth and GPS.

Cost: Both the S8 and S9 are valued at 57, 900 INR


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