Samsung galaxy s9 hands-on review

Samsung Galaxy S9 hands-on Arguably the more interesting of the duo, the Galaxy S9 is helming the new PR invasion as it's packing all new features Samsung could come up for this season. Trimmed bezels, hidden iris scanner, dual-camera with variable aperture, more RAM, jam-packed software suit..It's shiny, it's pretty​, it's Galaxy, and this one is the S9. It looks a lot like the S8, there is no two ways about that, but the beauty that matters is the beast within.Yes, we have a lot to talk about A glimpse on the Galaxy S9 is enough to convince it's one of the most stunning specimen​ on the market. The dual-glass design and the polished metal frame is where Samsung has become a master and the S9 is yet another proof at that.


  • Galaxy S9 Key Specifications :

Screen Size: 5.8 inches QHD+ Display

Resolution: 1440 x 2960

Display tech: Super AMOLED

18:5 aspect ratio

Chipset: Exynos 9810/Snapdragon 845


Storage: 64GB/256GB

Rear camera: 12MP

Front camera: 8MP

 Battery: 3,000mAh

Software: Android 8 Oreo

  • Display and Desgin

The 5.8" Infinity AMOLED screen​ occupies most of the front, frame-to frame, while the top and bottom bezels are tinier than ever. The Infinity display is 'edged' as usual - the nicely curved Gorilla Glass is after all responsible for that futuristic feel of each Galaxy since the Galaxy S6 edge came out. Curved is also the rear glass, a Gorilla one as well, and if it's not for the different LED flash and fingerprint reader placement, it would have been impossible to tell an S9 from an S8.

 The Home key is beneath the screen as usual, while the top bezel has one change for the better. The iris scanner is now hidden under the black glass, so that's one less transparent dot and works for a more seamless design.  The footprint​ of the whole thing is slightly smaller it's easier to pick an S9 from a table and makes it grippier and thus more secure in hand. The power key has been changed too - it's bigger on the S9, which makes it slightly more convenient. The other very obvious change is the comfortably placed fingerprint scanner at the back.


  •  Camera and Speaker:

The main camera also does 4K vids at 60fps, 1080p ones at 240fps,  and even 720p slow-mo at 960fps thanks to the new DRAM buffer. But more on that later.

One of the major exterior changes and a long overdue upgrade is the stereo speakers setup. The first speaker is behind the earpiece grille, just like on a bunch of Huawei and iPhones, while the other one is at the bottom firing behind a completely new lattice. Samsung used AKG by Harman speakers with Dolby Atmos support and promises 40% boost in loudness over the single unit installed on the S8. We'll see to test that for sure.

  • Storage :

 The Galaxy S9 will be available in 64,128​ and 256 GB​ versions - all of those boasting a microSD slot just in case. You can purchase the S9 Plus with 6GB RAM​, up to 256 GB​ Internal Memory then add 400 GB more on a Micro SD Card. That's more memory than any other Smart or iPhone. 

  •  Battery and Charging :

Samsung gives Galaxy S9 with the same 3,000mAh battery which similar as S8 and the battery performance  will be quiet similar to S8.

As the Galaxy S8 could easily last a day on a single charge, even with moderately high usage. 

According to a user manual the upcoming wireless charger with Galaxy S9 supports fast charging at several outputs . Design of  the charger will alike to previous variant, with a fan vent and USB Type-C port on the back and a charging coil, indicator lights, and phone stand on the front. The phone can be placed vertically or horizontally on the charging pad.

The user manual also details that the indicator light will show Red, Green and  Orange. When the wireless charger is connected to a power outlet it will show orange.When it is charging it will show Red. Green will show when it is fully charged and when charger is not properly charging it will show flashing red.

  • AR Emoji:

Another big feature of the Galaxy S9 and this linked with camera it is AR Emoji.It is the Answer of Samsung to Apple on its Apple’s Animoji.

It is quite simple to use it and slighltly different from Apple’sAnimoji by clicking a selfie of you and creating a 3D Emoji character like you.



In AR Emoji you can select hairstyles,glasses and clothing for your AR Emoji, althrough the options for selecting glasses are limited to 12 outfits and 7 types of spectacles.I am  very disappointed with overall look of our 3D Emoji because as the hairstyle  and clothing did not fully reflect us.

  • Other Features:

 Midnight Black, Coral Blue, Lilac Purple, Titanium Gray ​are all the color options you will be able to choose from, and they are all striking.

 Plus samsung makes their own gear vr hardware with the help of oculus and it's pretty amazing when compared to the generic iphone headsets.

  • Conclusion:

The Galaxy S9 is available for pre-book on Samsung offical site for 2,000 only. It is two varient with 64GB and 256GB.It gives colour varient in 64GB (Midnight Black​, Coral Blue, Lilac Purple,​ Titanium Gray)but in 256GB you only get Midnight Black.

Personally I would say this phone is a decent phone with packed specifications

It's good that Samsung isn't like other brands who blindly follow Fruit Company. Let me know in comments section what you think

  • Accessories: 



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