A Part From PUBG, These Smartphones Games Are Also Better

A Part From PUBG, These Smartphones Games Are Also Better

PUBG is bieng preferred  worldwide in this years smartphones sports launch.To play this game your smartphones hardware should be high of the capacity.Users may have trouble playing this game on smart range or mid-range of the  smart phones,Either the smart phones will hot or hang up.PUBG IS a royal bettle GAM.Also called FPS (First party shooters).

Multiplayer game,Apart from PUBG There are several firat-party shooters games that you can play on your smartphones.

Let us know about the games!

1.Rules of Survival:

rules of survival

In terms of Graphics and Game Play,The game is similar to PUBG.In this game you can customize the character as wewll choose according to the map.Dual and squad mode are slso given in the Game.

2.Pixel's Unknown Battleground:

unknown battelground

This smartphones game can also be called cartoon version of PUBG.Many of its graphics elements comes from popular game Minencraft.Three modes of this game have been given , which can played in single ,team and zombie mode.

You can download this game for android and IOS platforms free..

3.Free Fire:

free fire game

The game of popular gaming platform garena can be played between 100 and 49 players.Also this game play has less duration than PUBG.

4.Black Survival:

black survival game

This is a real time strategy game in which you can play mulltiple plots from the map,playing this game is little tricky or say it is not easy.please watch the training video before playing this game.This game is played in between the maximum of 20 players,and its game play is 20minutes.

Along with this ,You have the option of choosing 600 types of weapons in this game..

Gamers lover should try the above mentioned games...


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