Is Waterdrop notch better than Apple iPhone Notch, Lets find out

Is Waterdrop notch better than Apple iPhone Notch, Lets find out

Apple in the correct terms gave us the term 'Notched Display'. Before iPhone X, no one ever heard about Notch but after iPhone X, everyone got to know how a notched display smartphone looks like. Many smartphone manufacturers have copied the same notch and used in their smartphones thinking that they would get the same publicity and love from Apple. And believe me, many smartphones even got it like Oppo F9 Pro and Vivo V11. So, clearly, 2018 has been a year for Notched Displays and we hope that this craze might go the same in 2019 as well. In this blog, we will find out what users like to most, Waterdrop notch or iPhone X notch? So, let's find out.


Apple iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max Notch Design  

Apple has made it more clear that they are not going to implement the Waterdrop notch since they released three iPhones with the same notch design as that of iPhone X. This is the trademark notch design we have seen in Apple and this looks more authorized or official. Many smartphone manufacturers have tried copying the notch design from Apple but they are nowhere near to this notch design. 


Waterdrop Notch Design

Every technology or design gets old after 1 year and the same happened with Notch design. The traditional notch design is getting replaced by Waterdrop notch design which is being used in many smartphones like Vivo V11 Pro, OnePlus 6T and many more. I think you get more screen-to-body ratio in waterdrop notch design than the traditional notch design. And I must say it looks way better than traditional notch design. 



iPhone Notch vs Waterdrop Notch, Which is better?

We conducted a small survey of users of what they like the most and the results are very shocking and surprising. There are many waterdrop notch fans which simply means people are getting bored of the iPhone notch design as they have seen it for almost a year. Here are the results:


If you haven't been a part of this survey, then don't worry. Let us know in the comments section which one you like the most and we'll surely hear.

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