Top 5 PC, PS4 Games releasing from 24th September to 29th September

Top 5 PC, PS4 Games releasing from 24th September to 29th September

Finally, the week's blog is out for the top 5 PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One games that will be released in the last week of September. I know there are many gaming fans as well who want to know more about the gaming section. As a result, we have decided to keep you updated about the top and the latest games. In this blog, we will talk about the topmost 5 games that will be released in the upcoming week so you can check them out and buy if you really like them. We have selected these games on the criteria of their hype, their previous game edition, and their budget. We hope you will find this blog very useful and relatable.


1. FIFA 2019

Starting with the list, we have Fifa 2019, the topmost game of 2018. Many people have waited for Fifa 2018 for about 9 long months and finally, this is the week when Fifa 2019 will be released. This time, Cristiano Ronaldo is featured in the cover photo of the Fifa 2019 which is a big shocker. There are many modes added in this game which means you will never get bored of playing FIFA 2019 with your friends and family. Also, the graphics performance is optimized. This game is releasing this weekend for all platforms. So, pack your bags and have a tight weekend to play Fifa 2019.   

Release Date- September 28th, 2018

Platform- PC, PS4, Switch, Nintendo, XBox One, PS3, XBox 360



2. Life is Strange (Episode 1)

Life is Strange is a piece of game where you will find it interesting only when you understand its whole story. Two brothers named Sean Diaz and Daniel Diaz have witnessed a supernatural death of a cop and now they are running from it. While their journey back to their home Puerto Lobos, Mexico, you will have to make different choices which will affect the outcomes of their game. What you decide will create an impact on their progress. The game is all interlinked with the previous parts, so if you have played any previous edition, you will see it.

Release Date- September 27th, 2018

Platform- PC, PS4, XBox One



3. Dragalia Lost  

Dragalia Lost is an RPG game where you are a ninja girl who is fighting for glory. Since it is an RPG game, you can do pretty much everything by attacking with melee weapons or defending yourself. You also have the power to transform yourself into a Dragon. This game is releasing strictly for smartphone users as of now. Nintendo users should be happy about this game as well.

Release Date- September 27th, 2018

Platform- iOS, Android, Nintendo



4. Moonlighter

Moonlighter has already been released for many platforms like PC and PS4 but this week, Moonlighter will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch this week. If you have a sharp and business mind and you like making different strategies to work out on different things, Moonlighter should be a perfect game for you. You are a shopkeeper in this game where you can set the prices of your items, invest and earn by yourself. The aim is to grow maximum. Watch out for Moonlighter as it is releasing today itself.

Release Date- September 25th, 2018

Platform- Nintendo Switch 



5. Valkyria Chronicles 4

Valkyria Chronicles is based on the second European war where you have an army and you have to attack others. This is a strategy-action based game which is launching today. I have never played anything like this before so I would definitely see how it looks like the trailer of Valkyria Chronicles 4 is just awesome. 

Release Date- September 25th, 2018

Platform- PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch



So these were my top 5 games which are releasing this week which you can buy and play them. Don't forget to watch the trailers for your better understanding. Do let us know in the comments section about what you want to see next.

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