Top PC Games that will be releasing soon in 2018

Top PC Games that will be releasing soon in 2018

Everyone loves playing games and when it comes to PC games, everyone is so choosy. Naturally, our minds need some entertainment and playing games are just one technique to relax your mind. So, in this blog, I will be talking about the top 5 PC games which will be releasing before the end of 2018. I have rated these games as top games based on the popularity and the hype they are getting from users. I can't comment whether these games will be top grossing or flop but they will certainly create an impact on the gaming industry. So, here is me presenting top 5 PC Games releasing soon before the end of 2018.


1. Just Cause 4 

I still remember the time when the "Just Cause 2" was popular in my group and we used to discuss the game every single in school. This game was a big hit and when Just Cause 3 came, it broke all the records. I guess Avalanche Studios will be thinking of the same scenario as they are planning to launch Just Cause 4 very soon. The trailer is already out and it seems much work has been done on this game. The expected release date is kept at 4th December 2018.

Expected Release Date- 4th December 2018



2. Hitman 2

Let me tell you Hitman which was released back in October 2016 was a global success. The concept and theme of the game were pretty much different from other genres of games and this developed the linking among the users. Now, IO Interactive Studios are coming back with Hitman 2 with advanced graphics and advanced gameplay features and it seems Hitman 2 is going to be one of the top grossing games of all time. It will be very interesting to see the gameplay of Hitman 2.

Expected Release Date- 13th November 2018     



3. Darksiders 3

Another PC game which is being added to the list is the Darksiders 3. Darksiders has been a very popular game series which shows an Apocalypse. In this upcoming game as well, you will see the glimpse of Apocalypse where one of the horsemen will rescue the world fighting against the evil powers. The main feature of this game is that it's a combat game which is loved by the users. Gunfire Games will be releasing this game very soon.

Expected Release Date- 27th November 2018



4. Fallout 76

I bet if you would fall for this game after seeing its trailer. Fallout 76 is looking 5 times better than the Fallout 4 with advanced graphics and multiplayer gameplay options. Battle Royale option is also being added to increase the interactivity and liking. The center of attraction will be graphics and gameplay. Personally, I'm waiting for this game to get released and then I will play Fallout 76 all day all nights along. This game will be presented by Bethesda.

Expected Release Date- 14th November 2018



5. Assassin's Creed Odyssey  

I think most of the readers have played Assassin's Creed at least once in their lifetime. Assassin's Creed is undoubtedly one of the most popular game series which gained a lot of popularity back in 2012 and then the rest is history. There are still many fans who are watching out for next Assassin's Creed game and they would not have to wait for too long. Assassin's Creed is coming very soon to us presented by Ubisoft.

Expected Release Date- 5th October 2018



So, these were the top 5 PC games according to me which are soon going to be released in 2018. Let me know in the comments section if you have any favorite games among these.

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