Apple iPhone 7 vs Apple iPhone XR| Which is Better?

Apple iPhone 7 vs Apple iPhone XR| Which is Better?

The Apple iPhone XR which is currently known as the most affordable iPhone ever has been launched recently and there have been mixed opinions since then, whether to buy iPhone XR or not. In this blog, we will compare iPhone 7 with iPhone XR and tell which one is better and which one you should go for. We will talk about both these specifications, and compare them side by side.


1. Notched Display

The all-new Apple iPhone XR is a modified version of Apple iPhone X, so it has a notched display. But back in 2016, when iPhone 7 was launched, there wasn't any notched display. To be honest, the notched display has become a key feature of Apple and if it is there in iPhone XR, I must say this is a good sign.


2. IP67 Certification

The Apple iPhone XR has IP67 Certification for Water and Dust resistance which means it is a lot protected by water. You can even dip your iPhone XR in water for more than 30 seconds and nothing will happen to your device. This is not such the case of iPhone 7 as there is no such certification but still protected. So, you can guess what extra you have in iPhone XR.


3. Liquid Retina LCD Display

The iPhone 7 has traditional IPS LCD Touchscreen but in iPhone XR, you can Liquid Retina LCD Display which is comparatively better than IPS Display. You get better viewing angles and better contrast ratio from Liquid Retina Display.



4. RAM and Processor

Not only Apple has focused on display, but they have also focused on the performance of iPhone XR. You get Apple A12 Bionic SoC in iPhone XR with 3GB RAM whereas, in Apple iPhone 7, we had Apple A10 Bionic SoC with 2GB RAM. Guess whose performance will be better here. 


5. Qi Wireless Charging

When iPhone 7 was launched in 2016, there was no concept of Wireless Charging but since iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, Qi Wireless Charging was introduced. So, in iPhone XR, you get Qi Wireless Charging which is a super efficient feature. 


So, I have made myself very clear from this. Apple iPhone XR is not only better but also far more efficient than iPhone 7. So, if you have iPhone 7 and you wish to upgrade to Apple iPhone XR, you should be proud.

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