5 Reasons to upgrade from Apple iPhone 8 to Apple iPhone XS

5 Reasons to upgrade from Apple iPhone 8 to Apple iPhone XS

Apple has recently launched their 3 smartphones Apple iPhone XR, Apple iPhone XS, Apple iPhone XS Max yesterday and now everyone is going crazy whether they should invest and buy these iPhones. If you have iPhone 7 Plus or less, then it's much better to upgrade to Apple iPhone XS but if you have Apple iPhone X, then I won't recommend the same. But if you have Apple iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, then this becomes debatable. But you don't need to worry at all as I have come across the 5 reasons why you need to upgrade from iPhone 8 Plus to iPhone XS. So, let' see and discuss each and every aspect one by one.


1. Better Display

There is no doubt saying Apple has paid a lot of attention to iPhone XS while making it. You get a Super AMOLED Touchscreen with Notched Display which is not something new in Apple's dictionary. But what's new is the IP68 certification (water and dust resistance). Also, there are many features like Wall Color Gamut Display, TrueTone display, 3D Touch Display, etc. So, comparatively, you get a lot of better display configuration than the iPhone Plus. 


2. eSIM

Apple has introduced a new feature of eSIM where now the device will have one physical SIM which you can insert or remove anytime. The second SIM would be an electronic SIM card which will be permanently there in your iPhone XS. So, you get a Dual SIM feature and a new feature which was not there in Apple iPhone 8 Plus


3. Improved Camera

Apple has not only made the device better in terms of specifications but they also have improved the camera of their newly launched devices. In Apple iPhone XS, you get a Dual Rear Camera setup with 12MP (Wide Angle Lens) and another 12MP (Telephoto Lens). This camera is said to have 2x fast sensor than the previous cameras. Also, they have introduced a Smart HDR feature which is totally new. Overall, you will feel a lot of changes in the camera department.



4. Latest Processor

As Apple launched these devices, they also launched their latest flagship-processor known as Apple A12 Bionic Soc. In Apple iPhone 8 Plus, you get an Apple A11 Bionic SoC but that is old now. In iPhone XS, you get a brand new flagship processor which can be termed as a serious upgrade for the iPhone.


5. Improved Battery

Although, we don't have exact information of how much exactly is the capacity of the battery of iPhone XS but it has a lot more than iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone XS can provide talk time of 25hours and music play up to 65hours which is a lot more than the former smartphone.


So, these were the top 5 reasons why you should upgrade from Apple iPhone 8 Plus to Apple iPhone XS. Remember that, I'm not promoting you to buy this device and this is only an informative blog without my personal opinions. If you want to know how I feel, you can ask me in the comments section.

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