Top 5 PC, PS4, XBox, Switch Games releasing in this week

Top 5 PC, PS4, XBox, Switch Games releasing in this week

We have already talked much about PC, XBox, Switch, PS4 games on our website and today, we will be talking about the top 5 games which will be released this week of September from 11th September- 18th September. I have rated these games as top 5 due to the hype created and the graphics they are delivering. I have also seen their trailers so it was easy for me to rate these games into my top 5 games. So, let's see which games I'm talking about:   


1. NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19 is already at the top of my list because this game seems to one of the best after you look its trailer. NBA is presented by EA Sports (Electronic Arts Sports). The trailer suggests that it will be pretty much different from the previous NBA versions. Right now, I won't get into much details of how it going to be, because this game is releasing today. There are also many new modes added for a better gameplay. No doubt it would be another wonderful launch by EA Sports after Fifa 2019.

Release Date- 11th September 2018

Platforms- PC, PS4, XBox, Switch



2. Bastion    

Bastion is a very different game from what we play in our daily lives. This game is a mixture of simulation and RPG and will take you on a new journey of action and thrill. This game is only available on Nintendo Switch but I'm sure there are many Switch users and I would recommend you all to play this game at least once. 

Release Date- 13th September 2018

Platform- Nintendo Switch 



3. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider has been an iconic game series and many people still like the earlier version of Tomb Raider. The new version Shadow of the Tomb Raider has been hyped a lot for a very long time and finally, it's releasing this week on 14th September 2018. Here, the theme is to stop the Apocalypse by any means and the gameplay trailer shows there are combat, swimming, running controls as well. It seems like there is so much to do in this game.

Release Date- 14th September 2018

Platform- PC, XBox One, PS4



4.  Black Clover: Quartet Knights 

This is cartoon based fiction game without any game story but it is a 4 on 4 arena combat game. Since, this game is a pure fiction so you would see many wizards with healing, combating features in a small arena. Black Clover has a multiplayer option as well which means you and your friends can team up and rule the world.

Release Date- 14th September 2018

Platform- PC, PS4



5. NHL 19

The NHL version is the most underrated game of EA Sports as there are very less Ice Hockey fans compared to Basketball or Soccer. But for the first time in history, NHL is going to make use of EA Sports' Real Motion technology due to which it is believed that NHL 19 is going to be the all-time smoothest Hockey games. You can even customize your kits and even skates in NHL 19. Also, you can play Pond hockey which is a new feature introduced by EA Sports. 

Release Date- 14th September 2018

Platform- PS4, XBox One


Make sure you watch all the trailers of these games and decide which one is suitable for you. I will be back in the next week when new games will be arriving. Let me know in the comments section which game you liked the most.

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