Top 7 Free Sports Games of 2018 for Android

Top 7 Free Sports Games of 2018 for Android

Sports is not only an activity but an emotion to keep our nerves calm. Sports is as important as any other work, but it seems with the coming of smartphones, we have forgotten how we used to be 20 years ago when there were no smartphones. Now talking about smartphones, I have something for all of the sports fans. I have a list of top 7 rated Sports games for Android of 2018 so you can play and pass a good time. So, here, I'm presenting the list of top 7 sports games for Android of 2018:


1. Summer Sports Events 

It is a combination of more than 40 sports games in a 3D way. Your objective is to win and conquer in every field. You will feel a glimpse of Olympics here as there are more than 40 games assembled in Summer Sports Events. You have to train your player, practice as much as you can and then enter into competitions. It is free of cost on Google Play Store.

Ratings- 4.5/5

Download Link-

Size- 20MBs


2. Stickman Soccer 2018   

Stickman games are very popular in Sports but here we are going to talk about the game which is most suitable and best for you. This game is Stickman Soccer 2018 where you need to win soccer matches and be the best. The gameplay is very smooth with easy functionalities so that anyone could easily understand.

Ratings- 4.4/5

Download Link-

Size- 97MBs


3. Hit & Knock Down   

You must have played games like Flappy Bird, Can Knockdown and it is something similar to these games. In Hit and Knock Down, you will get a baseball and a building of cans in front of you. The main task is to collapse all the cans using the baseball. There are basically no story modes and no progress modes. If you like to play lighter games, then you can surely go for this game.

Ratings- 4.5/5

Download Link-

Size- 47MBs



4. Ultimate Tennis    

You would fall for this game if you see its gameplay once. Ultimate Tennis has all the major things to deserve on this list. The gameplay is awesome, the features are awesome and even the graphics are taking everything off. It is not a new game but still, it is top rated games on Google play store. I totally recommend you to play this game at least once.

Ratings- 4.3/5

Download Link-

Size- 105Mbs 


5. Madden NFL Overdrive Football

This sports game list would be incomplete if it doesn't have any game from EA Sports as it is one of the biggest vendors for Sports games for PC, Android, and PS4. The game I'm talking about is Madden NFL Overdrive Football which is a rugby game and its gameplay is even convincing. There are a complete story and career mode in which you can drive through.

Ratings- 4.4/5

Download Link-

Size- 72MBs


6. Boxing Star 

This game has currently highest ratings on the Google Play Store among all the games which we have talked about today. The reason why this game is being rated at the top is that it has necessary graphics and gameplay which are attracting users towards it. Though the game size is very large, I don't think it would impact anyone as now we are used to it.

Ratings- 4.6/5

Download Link-

Size- 374MBs



7. Badminton League

Another game which has an awesome gameplay is the badminton league which has a whole story mode. I have never seen any badminton game being so great all at once. You should really look out for this one.

Rating- 4.4/5

Download Link- 

Size- 65MBs


So, these were some of the top-rated sports games which you will find on Google Play Store. Let me know your thoughts as well, in the comments section.

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