Top 5 PC Games Released which can break records of 2018

Top 5 PC Games Released which can break records of 2018

Who doesn't love games? I suppose everyone loves PC games due to the ease in playing and controlling the options and features. Lately, many PC games are launched and today we are going to talk about the top 5 PC games which you can download and play. I haven't played all the games from the list but I have selected these games on the basis of their trailers, popularity and graphics performance. So, let's begin with the top 5 Games released:


1. Madden NFL 19 

EA Sports have been a reputable brand for making the best sports games and I think there is no proof required. Recently, EA Sports launched Madden NFL 19 as the long-running football game on 10th August 2019. This game is rolling out on PCs, PS4, XBox and you will be amazed to play this game. Madden NFL 19 has got real entities of players with some realistic player movements. You should watch out the trailer and then I will let you decide about what should you do.



2. World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth

The seventh edition of World of Warcraft, namely, Battle of Azeroth has already been released on 14th August on PC and it covers another story mode which is way exciting than the previous ones. This is a war-based game and you have to fight not only for your glory and the wisdom but also for your survival and respect. There is a War Mode introduced in Battle of Azeroth and there's no doubt this game can break many records.



3. F1 2018

We all grew in the generation of PC games where NFS was considered one of the best car racing games presented by Electronic Arts. But time has changed a lot, and now F1 2018 has been launched by Codemasters. According to my research, there are many modes available which even includes a career mode where you can select a rider and win him a GrandPrix challenge. The overall concept of this game is a lot more interesting and I can't wait to play this game.



4. Monster Hunter World

This is also a series based game where you have to hunt Monsters and protect yourself. The whole game revolves around a story and you have to complete the whole story in order to win the game. The Monster Hunter World has already been launched for PCs on 9th August and will take over the command when the actual statistics will be shown. I'm sure this game will be a lot more interesting than other games as it has a complete story mode. 



5. Shenmue I and II

PC games are very popular in Japan and this is the reason why there are many users who play PC Games. In order to keep those users intact, Shenmue I and II have been launched on 21st August with a price tag of $30. This is interesting as both the parts of the game have been released in the same month and this will keep the users busy if the game is really good.



So, these were the top 5 games which have been released and can break all the records of 2018

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