Top 10 Hacking Apps and Tools for Android [2018]

Top 10 Hacking Apps and Tools for Android [2018]

Everyone loves hacking and they wish to hack and obtain secure information from others. This is the reason why we are introducing the top 10 hacking Android apps and tools by which you can also hack someone's device or gain some information. Note that, we the team, at, do not promote hacking for illegal use and are responsible for this. We have found these apps to educate you all so that you can extract the information in need. So, without wasting much time, let's start the process:


1. AndroRAT 

RAT stands for Remote Access Tool. As you can understand from RAT, here the hacker can take control over Victim's device and steal information like location, read data. The hacker can also place messages and calls on behalf of the victim and put someone in trouble. I would not recommend AndroRAT unless it is required.


2. Droid Sheep

Droid Sheep is another wonderful hacking tool which can be used to hack someone's device and can be used in evil acts. The hacker might steal the privacy here and interrupt the active sessions.


3. NMap

NMap or Network Mapper is a hacking tool where it can be used to interrupt the sessions and hijacker snoops between the connection in hope to steal data packets. The best thing about this tool is you can still use this tool on your Android device even if your device is not rooted but then you would not be able to explore its features.


4. Wi-Fi Kill

We all must have heard about this Android App at least once in our lifetime. Whenever we are connected through a shared WiFi network and the bandwidth received is less due to a number of users, then we can kick the other users from using the shared Wi-Fi from this App and use the WiFi for only us. This does not result in stealing the privacy but is useful in many of the situations.  


5. Shark For Root

Shark For Root is used for Traffic Sniffing over a WiFi connection. This app can be used by only an expert and is used to detect and monitor the traffic over the connection. You can use another app Shark File Reader to view the results. Shark For Root is also available on Google Play Store.


6. dSploit

dSploit is one of the best hacking tool for Android as it can be used to penetrate the connection and find vulnerabilities in a connection and then you can use another app to hack the system. This will basically find out the weakness in a software system.


7. zAnti

zAnti is another penetration tool testing which can be used to hack Android devices. You can also perform Man in the middle attacks by snooping and sniffing in the network and obtaining the data.


8.  Hackode

The best Android hacking app that I would recommend for beginners is the Hackode which is used by most of the security firms and experts as well in penetration testing. This can be used in scanning the network and stealing someone's privacy.


9. FaceNiff

You can use FacNiff to hijack any network as it can access WAP, WPA2, WEP connections. But it cannot protect you from Secure browsing. However, you can use this app to hack any WiFi network.


10. Fing Network Scanner 

This is a cross-platform app which is not available for Android but also for iOS and Windows as well. This can scan the details of a network while connected to it and provide you even the most secure information. It can be used by users with the least knowledge.   


So, these were my top 10 Android Apps that you can use for Hacking purposes. Let me know in the comments section if this was useful to you.

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