7 Things you should never do in your iPhone

7 Things you should never do in your iPhone

iPhone is not only a smartphone but a thing that you boast about. But since the iPhone is costly, you need to take proper care in order to let it run effectively. We all commit mistakes but sometimes the mistakes that we put on smartphones can harm them in a very bad way. So, in order to teach you all, I have come across 10 things that you should never do it with your iPhone. Not only it would boost the performance of your iPhone but also it will keep all the software and hardware intact. So, here I'm presenting a list of 10 things which you should never do in your iPhone:


1. Jailbreaking 

Jailbreaking means rooting your device in order to access extra permissions and features in your device and Let's face it! Most of the users here are obsessed with customization of their iPhones and this is the reason why they Jailbreak their device but let me tell you Jailbreaking your iPhone will void the warranty and you will be solely responsible for this task. Also, it might affect the performance of your iPhone. 


2. Leaving the WiFi and Bluetooth all the time

Nowadays people leave their Wifi and Bluetooth open all the time and let it go. It doesn't affect the battery much but the internal processes are executing which might slow down your iPhone for a while. There are no adverse effects, to be honest, but it is still recommended to switch it off whenever it is not needed.



3. Keeping your iPhone on Charging overnight  

It is well proved that the A11 Bionic processor is smart enough that it doesn't let battery affect even when your iPhone is kept on charging overnight for hours but it is still debatable by many tech bloggers and for a safe side, I would always recommend you to never do such things unless it is necessary.


4. Using a Local Charger to charge your iPhone

If you are planning to charge your iPhone with a local or non-apple charger someday, then I should tell you to stop thinking the other way. It would directly affect the battery as the iPhone batteries are designed in a way they could directly obtain voltage from the Apple charger. 



5. Allowing Location Services all the time

Do not open or allow location services for all the apps unless it is required. It will drain the battery unnecessarily without letting you know and you will feel sudden issues in performance. Allow the location services for a few apps you think that are useful.


6. Updating iPhone using Third Party Software 

Many people like their iPhones to be updated to use all the latest features and sometimes they commit mistakes by installing updates from Third party vendor. because this might harm your iPhone in several ways. It is always recommended to install the OTA (Over the Air) updates as there is no risk involved.


7. Never turning it Off  

What would happen if you never sleep and work continuously? You would probably die very sooner and be ineffective. So, we should also give rest to our iPhones by turning it off once in every 2-3 weeks. This will not only boost the performance of your iPhone but also increase the efficiency.


So, these were some of the 7 things you should never do with your iPhone? Let me know in the comments section if I missed any point.  


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