Top 10 Free iOS Games of 2018

Top 10 Free iOS Games of 2018

We have talked a lot about Android games that you can play on your smartphones, but we have missed out many games for iOS users. There are many iOS games which are available on iTunes Store but we will only talk about the top 10 games of 2018 that are free as well. There are no hidden costs incurred as well as no ads would be displayed. These iOS games are believed to be one of the best iOS games at present. So, let's find out top 10 free iOS games:


1. Fornite

Now that the Fornite Battle Royale game is available on iOS platform, who would miss a chance to play this iconic game? We have seen many big Switch streams and YouTubers playing this game like Shroud, Ninja, Pew Die Pie, etc. and this gives us goosebumps to play this game in our devices as well. As of now, Fortnite is not available on Android but it is definitely available on iTunes for free. So, what are you waiting for? Go, and get your Fornite from the link below:


Download Link- Fortnite  


2.Fallout Shelter

Under Fallout Shelter, you have to protect the wasteland from Nuclear Explosion and it's your duty to keep everyone safe. This game comes under Strategy theme and only the ones with good brains will be able to play this game effectively. This game is a lot more addictive than it seems. 

Download Link- Fallout Shelter


3. HQ

If you're good in General Knowledge and you wish to earn some pocket money, then there's a Trivia game called HQ where you have to answer some general knowledge based questions and then you earn some prizes. Later, you can redeem those prizes into your Bank account or Paytm wallet. This is a great game for those who are looking for easy money.


Download Link- HQ



4. Pokemon Quest

As the name of the game suggests, you have to find a Quest. The theme of this game revolves around a Pokemon where you take your Pokemon out for an adventure and find some cool quests. I would say this is more of a Puzzle based game than that of being a Fantasy game. It is also available freely on iTunes Store.

Download Link- Pokemon Quest   


5. The Game of Life

This game is specially designed for people to reduce their stress and have some light entertainment. There are several board games in The Game of Life where you can play and experience all the stages of life and live your life again. The best thing about this game is you have a Multiplayer mode as well where you can directly play with your friends.


Download Link- The Game of Life 


6. GTA San Andreas

Most of us have played this iconic game on our PCs/Laptops in our past but now its time to complete all of its missions in our iPhone. Yes, GTA San Andreas is now available for iOS as well and it is still cool to play this game I guess. There are improved graphics with the same dignity that was present earlier. This would be another game to watch out for.

Download Link- GTA San Andreas



7. Heads Up!

Heads Up is another trivial game where you would be asked some knowledge-based questions and out of that. This is basically a whole new concept where you have to guess the names of animals, celebrities, fruits, etc. by placing your iPhone on your forehead and then imitating the clues to your friends. This game will be really fun.


Download Link- Heads Up!


8. The Sims Mobile

The Sims is also an iconic game which was available for PCs/Laptop but now they have launched The Sims Mobile for Android and iOS platforms and it is basically free of cost. In this, you have to take care of your character and manage his daily routines and chores. 

Download Link- The Sims Mobile 


9. Hello Stars

This is also a puzzle game where you need to draw a line such that the ball moves to its final place. There are more than 5 levels in this game and you have to use your brain a lot while playing this game. This game is totally free and available on iTunes Store.

Download Link- Hello Stars



10. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Who doesn't know Harry Potter from the iconic movie series written by J.K.Rowling? This game revolves around a mystery and if you have a detective mind and wish to find out the mysteries inside something, then you should play this game. I'm sharing the link of this game below.


Download Link- Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery


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