Top 10 Android Games that run smoothly in 3 GB RAM smartphones

Top 10 Android Games that run smoothly in 3 GB RAM smartphones

There are over 1.3 million games available on Google PlayStore but there is no such thing specified as minimum requirements or optimal requirements for a particular game. Don't worry as we will break the barriers and let you know the top 10 Android Games that are available for you to play in your 3 GB RAM smartphone very smoothly. So, let's begin with our list:


1. PUBG 

The first in my list is, of course, PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground Mobile) Mobile that would run very smoothly if you keep its graphics settings as low. This is the best battle royal game for Android smartphone till now, probably because Fortnite isn't launched yet, for Android. I have tested PUBG on many smartphones having 3 GB RAM like Lenovo K8 Plus, Honor 9 Lite, and Honor 9N and it runs perfectly smooth.  



2. Asphalt 8 Airborne

For Android, if any racing game is considered, it would always be Asphalt 8 Airborne. It is a very high space game of storing around 800Mbs but the good thing is, you can still play Asphalt 8 on your smartphones without any frame drops or lags. 


3. FIFA 2016

I'm not sure of the latest versions of FIFA Mobile but FIFA 2016 will run smoothly on any smartphone. Even the gameplay of FIFA 2016 is very smooth and you have a whole Manager mode. This is the best sports game ever considered and I suggest you should go for it now. 



4. NFS: Most Wanted 

Most of us might have played NFS: Most Wanted on our PCs/Laptops but NFS: Most Wanted is also available for Android and it runs perfectly smooth. You would not face any frame or lag drops. The best thing about Most Wanted is there is a full story mode and you would be addicted to this game while playing. 


5. GTA San Andreas

Again, most of us have played GTA San Andreas in our childhood and it was a dream to complete all of its missions once in our lifetime. Well, now we could play this game 24x7 on our smartphones without any frame drops and complete this. But, I'm not sure how to find cheat codes of GTA San Andreas for Android. 


6. The Amazing Spiderman 2

No, I'm not talking about any movie here, instead, I'm talking about a game that would best be suited for 3 GB RAM smartphones. In this game, you would have to complete the missions by killing the bad people and stopping the burglary from criminals. This game is one of the best Android games I have ever played without any lags.



7. Assassins Creed Unity  

I still remember the craze for Assassins Creed when it arrived for PCs. But now it is available for Android as well and the best part is, you can play this game without any difficulties. You have to assassinate the bad guys and kings and take over the throne. According to me, this is one of the best story mode games available on the Android platform.


8. Free Fire 

If you are literally bored by hearing PUBG and want to check out something new with almost same effects, you can try Free Fire. This game is also almost same as PUBG but with different features. You would totally relate if you play this game. This game will run smoothly in any of the smartphones having 3 GB RAM.


9. Call of Duty: Strike Team

I'm sure there are many Call of Duty fans and therefore I have added Call of Duty: Strike Team in my list. This game is basically a copy of Counter-Strike that we used to play in our PCs/Laptops. You will see notice some new maps with new features. The only feature missing here is the multiplayer battle royal but overall, it is a wonderful game that would run smoothly in smartphones having 3 GB RAM.


10. Max Payne Mobile 

The last game on my list is the Max Payne Mobile. I have added this game due to the huge popularity of Max Payne on PC/Console gaming. And there is no doubt in saying it is one of the best story mode games available on Google Play Store. Also, Max Payne Mobile would run smoothly on your smartphones.


So, these were some of the best Android games according to my knowledge that would run absolutely smoothly in your smartphones having 3 GB RAM. Let me know if you have other games in your mind as well.


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