Comparison of Weapons in PUBG| Which Weapon is Best?

Comparison of Weapons in PUBG| Which Weapon is Best?

Most of the people here do play PUBG but we don't really know the inside effects of the game. What we know is to kill the enemy anyhow, but let me tell you, if you don't have a proper strategy to kill an enemy, you will never be able to win big games. So, to make the proper strategies, you need to know all about its weapons so the next time you need to select the weapons, you can select and use them wisely. So, here is the list of top 10 weapons which are best according to me:


1. AWM

AWM is a sniper rifle which can even hit and kill an enemy from a distance of more than 2000 meters. This might seem wrong but this is a fact. AWM is not only the best sniper rifle but the best weapon this game could have. And once you have 8x scope, you can kill an enemy very easily through headshot. 



2. M249

M249 is another Sub Machine Gun which you would find only on the AirDrop Loot. It has a magazine of 100 bullets and can hit severely. One thing you should know is M249 doesn't come into the category of AR.


3. Aug A3   

Aug A3 is an AR rifle which is found in AirDrop Loot which uses 5.56 mm bullets. Its range is highest amongst all the ARs and can effectively hit the enemies.


4. Groza

Groza is one such AR rifle which uses 7.62 mm bullets. This gun is not complete itself as it shakes a lot, so you need to use some extensions like Vertical Recoil and scope to make it better.


5. M416

This is the topmost AR weapon to me as it is found everywhere in the game and can accommodate up to 4 extensions which include Tactical Stock. Even if you use 6x scope with this rifle, your gun won't shake at all. 



6. Kar98K 

Kar98 is a sniper rifle which is found everywhere and can accommodate 8x scope. You can kill an enemy with the headshot using Kar98k very easily,


7. MK14   

MK14 is another sniper rifle which is only found in AirDrop loot but the only bad thing about this Rifle is it make a lot of noise which can be heard by other rival enemies. You can add 8x Scope with MK14.


8. UMP9 

You must be thinking I'm wrong here, but no. I have a proper reason why UMP 9 should be on this list. The bullet speed of UMP9 is comparatively with other SMGs like Tommy Gun, Vector or Uzi. This is the prime reason why this is on my list. 



9. AKM

In real life, this rifle is known as AK-47 which we all know, how much powerful it is. It doesn't shake if used with proper extensions and has high damage points. You can choose this rifle over others but not over M416. 


10. M24

This is the last rifle I have on my list but you can spot this Sniper rifle only on the AirDrop Loot. Although, it is not as powerful as AWM but is capable to knock an enemy down with a bullet on his head. 


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