Top 5 Games to release this week from August 26 to August 30

Top 5 Games to release this week from August 26 to August 30

There were many rumors of games releasing this week but we made it to a final list. We have a lot of good news for Gaming fans and these 5 games might be one of the best games of 2019. So, accordingly, we have listed these top 5 games that will be releasing this week from August 26th to September 2nd. The good thing about these games is they have a mixed genre which means you have a lot of options. Today, I'm going to describe a little about the top 5 games which are going to release this week:


1. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate 

This game will be launched and released exclusively on Switch where you would hunt down the Monsters with 14 different weapons. The creators have used their minds differently and it is needless to say this game could break all records. We still don't know when will this game be released for PS4 or XBox or PC but as of now, you can enjoy Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Switch.

Platform- Switch

Theme- Drama, Thriller, Action

Release Date- 28th August 2018



2. Yakuza Kiwami 2

Now there is a great news for Japanese game fans as the successor of Yakuma 2 which was a great hit, is now going to release on August 28th. You will notice new graphics, new gameplay, and modern combat techniques. Many reports and leaks suggested that there might be another storyline which can be different from the earlier one.

Release Date- 28th August 2018

Theme- Story/Action

Platform- PS4


3. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019   

It's quite debatable whether PES is better than Fifa but what we need to focus on PES 2019, which is going to release this week for multiple platforms. The theme is quite simple with the aim of winning soccer matches on a club and international levels. There's also a story mode and manager mode where you can play a whole career and set your path. I hope the graphics will be something that will mesmerize me on the first glance.

Release Date- August 28th

Theme- Sports

Platform- PS4, XBox One, PC 


4. Donut County

Not Every game are designed for high-end users, but also for some users who prefer simple games without much intervention of bulky graphics. One such game is Donut County where you need to prevent your hero from going into a hole. It is a kind of puzzle game and the best thing about Donut County is it will be released for iOS as well.

Release Date- August 28th

Theme- Puzzle

Platforms- PC, PS4, iOS 



5. The Messenger

The last game which is on my list is The Messenger which is a kind of story mode game. There are different powers to our hero and several levels to reach out the message. This game will be launched on August 30th 

Release Date- August 30th

Theme- Thriller

Platform- PC, Switch    


There are many more games which will be releasing this week but out of them all, these 5 are my favorites. Let me know which games are you excited for?

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