8 Awesome Multiplayer games like PUBG for PC

8 Awesome Multiplayer games like PUBG for PC

PUBG has gained a lot of popularity due to the uniqueness and awesome features. Because of the popularity, PUBG has been launched for smartphones and it is a big hit too. Now, just like fans, there are some users as well who are looking for an awesome alternative for multiplayer games like PUBG with better qualities and graphics. So, today, I'm going to tell you all 10 awesome multiplayer games like PUBG which you can play it on your PC:


1. GTA Online: Motor Wars  

Rockstar Games have been working for GTA since 1997 and finally, they launched a Battle Royale game just like PUBG. Though they have named it on GTA again, this special edition is known as Motor Wars where you need to fight and kill others in a Battle Royale game. You can do pretty much from driving a car to fly with a parachute. GTA Online: Motor Wars is not only made for PC but also available for Sony PS4 and XBox.



2. Fortnite Battle Royale 

It's a debatable question which game is better and my vote will definitely strike towards PUBG due to easiness and salient features. But Fortnite Battle Royale is such a big game with millions of users playing and streaming it online. The world's biggest twitch streamer, Ninja is fond of Fortnite, so you can expect the thrill in this game.



3. The Culling

This game is based on a movie plot and a little bit dramatic. There is no doubt The Culling is a Battle Royale game, but it has a storyline too which makes it even more interesting. If you want a Battle Royale game with a storyline and some twists in the tale, you can watch out The Culling for Sony PS4, Sony XBox and in PC.


 4. Rust

Rust is nothing but basically a cool copy of PUBG. Just like PUBG, you are spawned in a middle of a huge area and you have to win by eliminating the other players. The functions and features are almost as same as PUBG. The reason why I have listed Rust in my list because it has got some really good graphics and you would face no lags. Also, there were no bots when I played Rust on my PC.


5. ArK: Survival of the Fittest 

ArK: Survival of the Fittest takes you on the journey of very early ages with Dinosaurs and probably this is the only Battle Royale game where you fight against Mother Nature and Other Reptiles and Dinosaurs. The name of this game totally justifies its gameplay and I was amused to see the graphics which were clearly detailed. There's no doubt ArK is one of the best Battle Royale game ever made.


6. Minecraft: Hunger Games

Before PUBG, there were several games from Minecraft and Counter Strike which hosted death matches in an area, but now they are replaced by games like Fortnite and PUBG. But if your PC lacks some hardware or software performance and you still wish to play Battle Royale game in low quality, you can try Minecraft: Hunger Games. 


7. Rules of Survival

PUBG is not available worldwide until now. Countries like China, Indonesia are not able to play PUBG but it doesn't mean they don't know what Battle Royale games are. The most common Battle Royale game in China is the Rules of survival which allows a maximum of 120 players to be dropped on an island and then eliminate one other.  


8. Realm Royale

This is another one of the best Battle Royale games to be played on PC which is completely inspired by PUBG and Fortnite. What I liked most about this game is the fact that its features are inherited as a mixture of PUBG and Fortnite and then compressed into one. You will see a mixture of two games in Realm Royale which makes it more interesting. When you win, you get the same tagline as you used to get in PUBG, "Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner".


So, that was some of the best 8 games according to me. I have played all of them so I gave honest opinions on all of them. Do let me know in the comments section which one is your favorite?   


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