Apple removes 25000 Illegal apps from Chinese App Store

Apple removes 25000 Illegal apps from Chinese App Store

Apple is not known for their iPhones and their technology, but also for their work ethics. Reportedly, Apple has banned over 25000 Illegal apps from Chinese App store where 4000 of them are categorized in Gambling. Clearly, Apple doesn't give support towards Illegal apps or anything like that. Apple has been one of those companies who are very much concerned about their reputation and this would definitely boost up their importance in the Smartphone industry. Also, they have set a wonderful example of how it should be done.


A step towards a Clean and Positive mindset

Clearly, these kinds of apps are not worth being kept on the Chinese App Store. These Illegal apps or gambling apps are making money illegally by looting money and this makes the whole ecosystem unhygienic. And then comes the trust issues of which apps should be downloaded and are they even authentic? 

As a result, it is a big step towards cleaning the ecosystem and making it clean and trustworthy for real users. 



Apple trying to ban more Illegal Apps from App Store

Apple is not ready to stop here as they are putting up a dedicated team of developers to develop an algorithm by which Illegal apps would be removed from the App Store. Clearly, Gambling Apps are not permitted anywhere on the App store and it seems Apple is going in correct direction.


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