Download and Install Android Pie Launcher in your smartphones

Download and Install Android Pie Launcher in your smartphones

Android P or Android Pie is finally confirmed and it is all set to make an impact in the smartphone industry as Google developers have completed it's testing. The Android One smartphones like Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 are some of the smartphones which would receive the update earliest. But, for a normal device, it would take a lot of time for Android Pie to come through an OTA Update. So, now the big question is, how you can experience Android Pie on your smartphones?

One method is waiting for OTA updates from your smartphone manufacturers but what if you don't like to wait. Then, you would need to boot Android Pie ROM into your devices and make this happen. But there is a risk of data loss or some other errors. So, what if we provide you with the launcher of Android Pie so you can experience it and get the taste of Android Pie? 

Not only this method is convenient but also it has its own merit points. So, in this blog we will learn how to download and install Android Pie launcher in our smartphones without any root method:


Android Pie Launcher Screenshots 

I installed this Android Pie launcher in my device Xiaomi Mi A1 and this is where I'm showing you how awesome this launcher will look in your device. Also, since the launcher is only of 4.21MBs, it won't add up to a lot of space in your smartphone. These are some of the screenshots of Android P launcher:




Download Android Pie Launcher for all Android Smartphones

Download Android Pie Launcher APK- Download Link 


How to Install Android Pie Launcher? 

1. Download the Android Pie APK from the given link above.

2. Click to Install 



3. Make sure Unknown Sources APK is enabled on your smartphone

4. Tap on the Apk and install it.

5. Grant all the necessary permissions

6. Done!!


There you go, your Android Pie launcher is installed in your device. Let me know in the comments section about your view on this

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