PUBG Mobile Lite Launched for Budget-Ranged smartphones, Get to know all the things you need to know

PUBG Mobile Lite Launched for Budget-Ranged smartphones, Get to know all the things you need to know

Fortnite and PUBG are facing cold war at this time as both are trying their level best to gain Internet users for their games. Recently, we came to know Fortnite mobile has been launched exclusively for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and soon it will be launched globally for several other smartphones. Meanwhile, on the other way, PUBG Mobile too was earlier launched to increase their number of users, but soon they realized the low-end users are facing many difficulties. As a result, PUBG mobile has been launched for budget-ranged smartphones. So, in this blog, we will talk about what all changes have been made in PUBG mobile for budget-ranged devices. Also, I will tell you all the necessary things that you might want to know if you want to play PUBG on your smartphone:


Features of PUBG Mobile Lite

1. The number of players in PUBG mobile has been reduced from 100 to 40.

2. A smaller map of 2x2 km, for low-end devices, so users can't face glitches or frame drops. 

3. Low-end graphics

4. Low-space consumption



Where can you find PUBG Mobile Lite?  

PUBG Mobile Lite has not been officially released, so as of now, there is not a chance you could play this game for sure, but PUBG lite has been launched in Philippines and there is no update of when it will be launched globally. But I guess, if everything works well, Tencent Games would soon launch it officially in front of the whole world to make their impact and become greater than Fortnite.


Is PUBG Mobile Lite Synchronized with PUBG Mobile or PUBG?  

No, unfortunately not. And there are very fewer possibilities for that to happen as PUBG Mobile Lite has only 40 players in its map where the main version of this game has 100 players. Also, the map used in Lite version is quite smaller which won't work with the main version.


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