Turn On WiFi Automatically feature is enabled in new Android Pie

Turn On WiFi Automatically feature is enabled in new Android Pie

Since Android Pie is officially launched, we are getting to see new updates and features every day that are being discovered by different developers. Android Pie is available for Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 and soon there will be many smartphones to receive OTA updates. But today, I'll be talking about the feature which is added in Android Pie and how you can encounter that. You all must know about Turn On WiFi Automatically feature that was in Android Oreo. Now, the same feature is being enabled for all devices in Android Pie. This will let users keep their Wi-Fi ON every time. So, let's learn more about this feature and how it works: 



'Turn On Wi-Fi Automatically' Feature

This feature was even present in Android Oreo but it was not enabled for all devices. Now developers have been very modest and they have enabled this feature for all devices such that you will be able to connect to a high-quality saved network without turning your Wi-Fi On. You can even find this option in settings:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap on Network and Security

3. Tap on Wi-Fi 

4. Wi-Fi Preferences

5. Turn ON the Wi-Fi automatically

6. Done

But this was basically for Android Oreo where you had to turn on the wifi manually every time for a certain time. In Android Pie, it will be enabled automatically.


Will 'Turn On Wi-Fi Automatically' feature affect Battery?

No, absolutely not. The Wi-Fi uses very less battery of your smartphone, so even if your Wi-Fi is kept on, it won't affect the battery of your smartphone. So, this feature would not affect the battery as it would consume very less battery which can be neglected.



How does this feature work? 

Basically, Turn On Wi-Fi automatically works on a high-quality based network. If you reach a place where your device already had connected with a network and it senses a high-quality network, your device will turn on the Wi-Fi automatically and then connect to it. 


Wi-Fi Automatic Wakeup for all Android devices in Android Pie 

 As Android Pie is launched and the developers have revealed its source code, we could spot some changes including Wi-Fi automatic wake up. Now you'll notice there is no turn on WiFi automatically feature in its source code, but it has WiFi automatic wake-up feature which is a default option in Android Pie.


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