How to access DND Mode in OnePlus Devices

How to access DND Mode in OnePlus Devices

We hate notifications at the times when we are in a meeting or we are sleeping, and the best thing to avoid notifications at that time is turning ON the DND mode (Do Not Disturb Mode) under which you won't be disturbed at all. What differentiates OnePlus devices from other flagship smartphones is the alert slider for changing profiles of your smartphone. But the alert slider of OnePlus 6 works opposite to the alert sliders of OnePlus 3/3T/5/5T. The top position in a OnePlus 6 slider accounts for Silent, the middle position accounts for Vibrate and the bottom one is for Ring. But one thing even Alert Slider is missing is the DND Mode. But don't worry as today I will tell you how you can access DND Mode on your OnePlus devices. So, let's get started:


How to Access DND Mode on your OnePlus devices?   

1. Download Do Not Disturb- Zen Mode from the given link- Download Link 

2. Launch the app

3. Tap on the big centre button



4. It will bring you to the Do Not Disturb Settings for Stock Android

5. Now select the options which you want to access through DND Mode



6. Apply the settings.

7. Done

Note: This trick was performed on OnePlus 6 but is applicable to all OnePlus devices like OnePlus 3/3T/5/5T 


You are done for now. There are many settings as well in Stock Android which can be accessed. You can even manage events for calendar and so much more. Try yourself and explore as much as you can and let me know in the comments section about this trick.  

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