Another Samsung Galaxy device with Infinity Display to come in India?

Another Samsung Galaxy device with Infinity Display to come in India?

Samsung has always been trending and successful in countries like India due to their innovative ideas and best pricing smartphones. Their idea of Infinity display smartphones worked very well as Samsung Galaxy J8 and Samsung Galaxy On6 have done a great business in India as Samsung claimed to have sold over 2 million units of Samsung Galaxy J8 and Galaxy J6 in India in past 18 months. This is a raw figure and we know Samsung is capable to do such miracles. Also, their devices have high brand value and great reputation which attract users to buy these mid-range smartphones over Xiaomi or Asus' smartphones. So, today we will see if Samsung is in talks to launch another Infinity display smartphone in India and grow their business even bigger and better.


Leaked Specifications of Upcoming Samsung's Infinity Display Smartphone 

  • Super AMOLED Touchscreen 
  • 18:9 aspect ratio (Infinity Display)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB Internal Storage
  • 4000mAH Battery
  • 13MP Rear Camera
  • 8MP Front Camera



Samsung's performance with mid-range smartphones in India

Samsung started with Samsung Galaxy J series where they launched Galaxy J7, Galaxy J7 Pro, and Galaxy J7 Max but they were not as biggest hits as they neither contained Infinity Display nor Dual Rear Cameras, but then Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy On6, Samsung Galaxy J8 where they have sold approximately 2 million units in India. If sources are to be believed, Samsung Galaxy On6 and Galaxy J8 devices are sold over 50,000 units per day.


Will Samsung add any new feature to its new device?

Samsung is known to add new features every now and then and then brand its device. As we saw in Galaxy J8, Samsung updated its Chat-over-voice feature and they hyped it as it was the best feature in the world. So, we can expect something new and innovate from this new smartphone as well.


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