Top 5 features updated in OnePlus 5/5T

Top 5 features updated in OnePlus 5/5T

OnePlus is always known for its cheap and best-selling smartphones with flagship specifications. Recently, OnePlus launched its one of the best smartphone, OnePlus 6, but this doesn't mean they forgot to update their earlier devices. Meanwhile, OnePlus 5/5T got the OxygenOS 5.1.4 update where many other features are added. In this blog, I will talk about what all changes and updated features are added in OnePlus 5/5T and discuss them in detail. So, let's start with the process:


Oxygen OS 5.1.4 Update with July Security Patch

OnePlus is always in limelights to provide security patch updates very quick and timely. This time as well, they have sent July Security Patch to OnePlus 5/5T which will protect from errors or bugs present in Android environment. OnePlus also sent OxygenOS 5.1.4 through an OTA update which means now it is a bigger update. Usually, the security patches update capture the size of about 70-80MBs but when an OTA update is sent, the size grows depending on the level of changes.



Top 5 features updated in OnePlus 5/5T

Here, I'll be talking in points on the top 5 features that are added or updated in One Plus 5/5T:

1. July Security Patch

OnePlus devices are not based on Android One program but it is shocking to see how OnePlus manages to send security patch updates to their devices. It's not even the end of July month and here we are, seeing July Security Patch update in OnePlus 5/5T.


2. Sleep Standby Optimization

Another top feature that has been added is the Sleep standby optimization mode where you can put your device into Sleep mode and still keep them on Standby mode to save the battery. 

To enable this feature, go to Settings> Battery> Battery Optimization> Advanced Optimization> Sleep Standby Optimization> Toggle it ON. 

And then you will see the battery performances improved. This is done on the special request of their users having some battery problems.



3.  Improving image clarity in Camera

How could it be possible OnePlus shows no respect on Camera department? They have always shown a great respect towards the camera and now they have improved image clarity while clicking photos in HDR mode. You will see changes if you have updated your device to Oxygen OS 5.1.4


4.  Group Messaging

I don't know about other smartphone manufacturers but OnePlus managed it quite quick to implement and introduce this feature on their devices. Now you don't need to hang on WhatsApp for group chats when you can do the same thing using OnePlus 5/5T. You can even share stickers in Group messaging.


5. Bug Fixes

Many other bugs are fixed such as network issue, Wifi connectivity issue, and other minor software bugs.


So, that was it! I hope you liked all of these updated features. If you are not a OnePlus then you need not worry, as I might bring updates everyday to you 

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