Download Samsung Good Lock APK for One Hand Operation

Download Samsung Good Lock APK for One Hand Operation

As you all must be aware of the fact that Samsung Galaxy smartphones are the flagship smartphones with Infinity display and big screen size but sometimes, this becomes a disadvantage. Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphones have a screen size of over 6 inches which makes inconvenient for users to use devices using a single hand. Today, we try to resolve this problem by introducing Samsung Good Lock App and One Hand Operation.


One-Handed Mode 

To prevent such situations, Samsung has taken special take care of this thing. They have introduced One-Handed Mode so users can use their smartphone with a single hand despite having a big screen. This is not a new feature as Samsung released this feature from Andriod Marshmallow, but what we will talk about is the new One Hand Operation + that Samsung gas lately introduced in Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 and other flagship devices.



One Hand Operation + 

One Hand Operation is also similar to the one-handed operation but it has the addition of more swipe gestures. Swipe Gestures are almost a trending feature nowadays for flagship smartphones and thanks to Samsung for this. This allows you to use these gestures instead of the navigation bar if your hand is not in reach with the whole screen on devices like Galaxy S9/S9+. To enable One Hand Operation +, here are the steps:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap 'Gestures and Control'

3. Go to 'Swipe Function'

4. Select the swipe function as your favorite key 

5. Now go back to the Gestures Settings and Go to One Hand Operation +

6. Enable this operation

7. Select the basic settings as given in this figure

8. Done!!



Download Samsung Good Lock APK and One Hand Operation + for your devices  

You can also download these both the apps and install in your device and use it if you feel like

Samsung Good Lock APK- Download Link

One Hand Operation + APK - Download Link

So, there we go, now summing it up. You should download and install it and have some wonderful experiences. Also, let me know in the comments section how do you feel about this one


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