How to Enable always-on OTG on OnePlus devices

How to Enable always-on OTG on OnePlus devices

We all must have heard of OTG at least once in our lifetime, that's because it is one of the exciting features which allows users to share data through their Type-C Port with external hard drives, or even pen drives. So, today we will be talking all about OTG feature and how to keep them on in OnePlus devices. But let's firstly look at the features provided by OTG


Features of OTG 

  • Play games with a controller 
  • Listen to music
  • transfer files using a pen drive
  • Hook up an external hard drive


Problems of OTG in OxygenOS

Here, if you don't know about OxygenOS, let me tell you, OxygenOS is the Custom UI for OnePlus devices. But there are some of the problems with the OTG feature in OxygenOS as of why we are discussing in this blog.

The problem with the OTG feature is that it automatically turns off in 10 mins so users have to turn it on again and again. Users have to re-enable it every time they need to access the OTG feature making it inconvenient for users.



How to enable always-on OTG in OnePlus devices 

Note: This trick doesn't need any root permissions or access

           To perform this trick, your PC/Laptop must have ADB and Fastboot drivers installed

In this section, I'll tell you step-by-step of how you can enable always-on OTG in your OnePlus devices so you need not re-enable it every time. Here are the steps:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap on "Advance"

3. Enable the OTG Storage Option 

4. Connect your device to the PC/Laptop via USB cable



5. Now go to the folder where ADB and Fastboot are installed

6. Open Command Prompt window there

7. Type the following command:

adb shell settings put global oneplus_otg_auto_disable 0

8. Done!!


There you go!! Now it will be enabled until you switch it off. Was this easy? Or have you got any better methods, let me know in the comments section 

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