Samsung Gear S4 is coming with Bixby Support

Samsung Gear S4 is coming with Bixby Support

Samsung Galaxy Watch has been inspired a lot by Apple Watch are coming again and this time, it might come with Bixby Support as well. There are a lot of leaks that have already been suggested to us but very few have been confirmed. Under this blog, we will talk about only the confirmed leaks and what else is coming along with this. So, let's talk about everything we know about Samsung Gear S4:



Samsung Gear S4 

The logo of the Samsung Gear S4 (Samsung Galaxy Watch) has been registered in South Korea, and it's most likely to support Samsung's virtual voice assistant, Bixby. However, some other reports say that Samsung Galaxy will not support Bixby and run with Wear OS. Right now, there are no official statements with what is Samsung going to do, but most likely, Samsung is thinking about Bixby as well.



What will be the name of Samsung Galaxy Watch?

One of the biggest mysteries revolving around the corner is what would be the desired name of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. All the paperwork has been filed as well registered on the name along with a "Samsung Galaxy Fit" line of devices in the United States. Also, it's unknown whether it will run on Wear OS or Tizen OS. Both the OS are equally good and different. We'll have to wait for the official call from Samsung. Samsung Bixby Support makes sense if the device would run Tizen OS because the Google Assistant is built to run on Wear OS. So, most likely, Samsung will opt for Tizen OS   



What else by Samsung this year?

There are many things which Samsung are aiming at, this year. One of them includes the possible ability to measure the owner's blood pressure which will be most useful nowadays. We still have no clue about that device so we won't talk much about it. But there are rumors Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could be launched in August as Bixby 2.0 is also going to launch then. If it's not released in August, then we might see them both in IFA 2018 in Berlin. Either way, we may expect Samsung Galaxy Watch or the Samsung Gear S4 to be the best smartwatch ever launched by Samsung if it runs on Tizen OS


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