How to Enable OEM Unlock in Samsung Devices

How to Enable OEM Unlock in Samsung Devices

Customization is the keyword for smartphones in 2018 as everyone is busy customizing their smartphones in their own way. But to customize your smartphones, you need to unlock the bootloader of your device and also OEM which is basically an agreement between the user and manufacturer. By unlocking the OEM, you confirm that manufacturer won't be responsible for any of your deeds.



Need for unlocking OEM

There's a need to unlock OEM. To flash your device into a ROM, or to root your device, install TWRP Recovery, etc. You can't do all these things without unlocking OEM from your device. So, it is mandatory to unlock OEM before rooting your device.


Samsung removed OEM Option from their devices 

You can find OEM Options on your devices by going into Settings> Developer Options> OEM Option.

But if you're running Android 5.0 or more on any Samsung device, this feature won't be available. OEM Option is also missing from some of the best flagship smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8+, Samsung Galaxy A8+, etc.

However, there are still no clarifications why Samsung removed this OEM Option, but we have ultimately found how to enable OEM option in your Samsung devices. So, let's learn this procedure:



How to Enable OEM Unlocking feature in Samsung Devices?

1. Open the Settings

2. Search for "Date and Time Option" in the list

3. Turn off the automatic date and time update

4. Set the date and time of 2 months back from the current date-time

5. Go to Settings> Developer Options> Tap on Build Number 7-8 times

6. Now you are a Developer



7. Now tap on the Developer Options and find the "Auto System Update" Option

8. Turn it off

9. Now tap on the System's Update in the Settings> About Phone

10. Opt for the manual update system

11. Now restart your Samsung device

12. Now again go to Settings> Developer Options> you will find "OEM Unlock" option.


Congratulations as now you have OEM Unlocking option in your device and you can unlock it to flash or root your device. This is basically for Samsung devices or the devices which primarily don't have OEM Unlocking feature. So have fun and help yourself!!  

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