5 Best features to expect from MIUI 11

5 Best features to expect from MIUI 11

Are we really talking about MIUI 11?? Yes of course, because Xiaomi has already released MIUI 10 China ROM and within 3-5 months, every new Xiaomi devices including Xiaomi Mi A2, Redmi Y2, Xiaomi Mi 7, etc. But what's more important than this news is the upcoming MIUI 11 ROM. According to some sources, Xiaomi has already started the making of MIUI 11 ROM and if you're listening to us, then you might also expect some of the best features in MIUI 11.

So, I'm going to list the top 5 features that could come with MIUI 11 Global Stable ROM:



 1. Front AI Portrait Mode

In MIUI 10, Xiaomi has given rear AI Portrait mode for even single rear cameras. The devices who don't have have the secondary rear camera would now have Bokeh Effect/Portrait Mode. But now, we are looking for the same feature even in the front cameras. So, it might be possible you could see this feature rolling in MIUI 11


2. Xiaomi's AI Voice Assistant

  Just like Siri or Google Voice Assistant, you could now expect Xiaomi's AI Voice Assistant in MIUI 11. Let me tell you, Xiaomi has already introduced this feature in MIUI 10 but right now it's only for China users. They are expanding their knowledge with the use of AI and we could see Xiaomi's Voice Assistant for Global Stable ROM in MIUI 11



3. Picture-in-Picture Mode

However, Xiaomi has introduced this feature in MIUI 10 but I must say this feature is in the initial stages. It would still take some time for Xiaomi to understand and implement it completely. Picture-in-Picture mode or PIP mode is a feature where you can run two apps simultaneously while one of the apps is minimized.



4. Custom Bloatwares

There could also be a feature where you could remove the bloatwares on your choice and install them on your own wish. Generally, there are some of the pre-installed apps which can't be deleted and they consume an additional space on your device. MIUI 11 could provide a way where you can delete all your pre-installed apps and bloatwares on your choice.


5. Support for In-Display Fingerprint Sensors

Just like Vivo X21 has the in-display fingerprint sensor, Xiaomi's MIUI 11 could make a built-in support for the in-display fingerprint sensor. Right now, Xiaomi has no device which has this feature but we could expect this feature very soon in MIUI 11


So, these were some of the best 5 features which we could expect in MIUI 11. Although there are no official statements by Xiaomi, MIUI 11 could come in October 2019 with these features. Let's wait till then. Also, let me know in the comments section what all new features could be added   

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