How to minimize any Android App using Android Auto App

How to minimize any Android App using Android Auto App

We all love Android Apps due to their usefulness but the only problem with the Apps is they consume the whole screen of your smartphone making users unable to multitask with their smartphones. Although, nowadays many smartphones have a multitasking feature which has a split-screen feature through which two simultaneous apps could be run on a single Android screen. But would you be able to minimize any Android app just like Facebook uses its messenger app? 

Don't worry at all, as today I have come across a wonderful trick how you can also minimize any Android App and use other apps or your smartphone simultaneously. This is not basically a trick, to be honest as Google has been trying to use a "minimize app" button on some of its Android apps to increase the productivity of their Android Apps   



Android Auto App

The name of this application is the Android Auto App. It has a few built-in functions to help keep your eyes on the road while making your smartphone useful in the car. It is primarily based on vehicles. The Android Auto App has integrations with Google Maps, Google Play Music, and the Dialer App. You can minimize these apps and can still make the most of it   




How to Download and Install Android Auto App for vehicles

Android Auto App is listed on the Google PlayStore, however, it is not the official version. Google is still trying to find out the actual use and implementation of the whole concept and will only launch in the market when it's completed. Right now, we have nothing to say on the official version but this App works as well.

Android Auto App- Download Link

To Install this App:

1. Download this App from Google PlayStore

2. Install it on your smartphone

3. Grant all the necessary permissions.

4. Use this Auto App when driving or in some multitasking situation

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