Samsung Galaxy S10+ Leaked, Find out here

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Leaked, Find out here

Samsung has been very much impressive throughout their flagship-smartphones. Every year, Samsung has approached to a new level. Their Galaxy series for flagship-smartphones has not only impressed the users but it has also mesmerized the investors to look into what Samsung is doing. I really liked the idea of how Samsung came and changed the whole game until it was Apple who was taking down the markets one-sidedly. After Samsung Galaxy S9+ was hit on a global level, it is time for Samsung to go one step ahead and launch something new, something better and something innovative. We all knew after the launch of Galaxy S9+, Samsung was busy in Galaxy S10+ and now since we have some leaks, we could finally take a deep breath and expect how this would turn out to be in some near future.


Samsung Galaxy S10+ Leaks      

After Apple launched their iPhone X with 6.5 inches display, it was time for Samsung to get inspired by them and they did exactly. According to the rumors, Galaxy S10+ could come with 6.44 inches of Super AMOLED Display. I have no words to say on the level Samsung is trying hard to make its new device so close to iPhone X. The early version of this galaxy device, Samsung Galaxy S9+ came out with 6.2 inches display but Samsung feels it needs to be bigger and better this time.



Also, in a leak, it was leaked that this time Samsung would be working under the ultra-thin bezels which means the Samsung Galaxy S10+ might come with either very less or no bezels at all. When its Samsung, anything could happen.


Samsung introduced the Iris scan technology in Galaxy S9+ but this time it seems they are getting over it. But this is not only it, as they will be launching a 3D Scanning technology which would be way better than Face ID, claims Samsung. A new leak suggested that Galaxy S10+ might come with the in-display fingerprint sensor and a piezoelectric speaker as well.  



The Samsung Galaxy S10+ will come in CES 2019 and there are hardly 7 months left for that. There is a dedicated team of Samsung Engineers who are working days and night just to make a better device, a true smartphone. But who knows what it will be, unless it's unleashed in front of us.   


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