Tricks to keep your smartphone secure and protected

Tricks to keep your smartphone secure and protected

Every day, new technologies are being invented and implemented on the smartphone. Be it Iris Scan, Face ID, Facial Recognition feature, In-display fingerprint sensor or any other security feature, Android smartphone companies are not leaving any chance of exposing them just to make the data of the users more secure and reliable. But, like everything, there are a lot of flaws in these technologies as well. It's very difficult to keep the data secure and in control. But, there are certain ways by which we could avoid such hacking or stealing our data. I have brought some of the best ways that will keep your Android smartphone safe, secure and protected. Let's see each one of them without wasting any time:



1. Uninstall any 'Third-party Apps'

There would be many Android applications which are basically useless and from the third party alliances. These apps could be harmful as they could steal your data and then sell it to any marketing company. Ultimately, it would be you suffering in the end. So, it's always better to uninstall such apps which are useless.


2. Anti-Virus software

Although most of the anti-virus softwares which are listed on Google PlayStore are either fake or paid which would be worthless it would still be better to use official Anti-virus software. There are many files which could be malicious nowadays and Anti-virus would be a good option for the security of your Android smartphone.  


3. Don't use public Wi-Fi services

A survey has reported that the public Wi-Fi services provided by Railway Stations, Coffee Shops, Metro Corporations steal user's data. To avoid such scenarios in future, either don't use public Wi-Fi services or use a good VPN to hide your personal details.



4. Encrypt your Android Smartphone

Encryption is basically converting your data into a more complex form so that an eavesdropper won't be able to fetch your data even if he/she steals your data. It's always better to encrypt your data if you have any confidential information in your Android smartphone. To encrypt data in your smartphone, Goto phone settings> Security> Encrypt device> Tap to confirm. Your device is now encrypted.   


5. Install a Password manager

When it comes to remembering passwords, it is really difficult because nowadays, we have almost 15-17 types of profiles like Facebook, Youtube, Google, Gmail, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. It's very difficult to remember the passwords of all these profiles and I won't suggest you all save it in your Android smartphone as it may get be hacked anytime. The best possible solution to this problem is installing a good password manager for your device so it could best fit in. 


So, how did you like these security tips? Remeber that these are not the only solutions which may get your protected. The security is in your hands. Do let me know in the comments section if you remember some other points

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