How to get Always on Display (AOD) on any Android Smartphone

How to get Always on Display (AOD) on any Android Smartphone

Always on Display is another feature every user is craving for. Most of the new smartphones are providing ambient light sensors to enable Always on Display (AOD) feature so that users could see the notifications and even reply without unlocking their devices. Talking about new and exclusive smartphones, they have this AOD feature but the older Android devices are still to be blamed.

So, today I'll be telling you all how you can enable and add this Always on Display feature in your Android smartphone if it's not provided default by your smartphone's provider. Also, there are similar tricks and tips available on our website and maybe you'll be thrilled. Right now, I'll be focusing on this topic, so let's start without any further delay:



Always on Display for all Android smartphones

Before talking about anything, first, let me explain what exactly is this AOD feature. Always on Display is an approach or a feature through which you would be able to see time, see notifications, check if there is any error without unlocking the smartphone. The figure below depicts how your smartphone would look like when it's locked.

Pros and Cons of Always on Display 


  • Able to check notifications
  • Check the time 
  • Reply when the device is locked


  • Consumes battery



How to install Always on Display feature in Android smartphones

1. Download AOD App for AMOLED displays

This app is for the smartphones whose displays are AMOLED, for example, Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, Samsung Galaxy J7 Max, etc. and they want to add this feature

2. Download Custom AOD App

Under this app, you can add custom images that would appear on your locked screen.

Install any of these apps according to your wishes and have fun!

I hope this would help you a lot. In case you come across some problems, let me know in comments section

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