How to fix smartphone if Power Button is not Working

How to fix smartphone if Power Button is not Working

Hello there everyone, nowadays smartphones are so advanced that they surpass human beings almost in each and every task. But there are some of the times when our smartphones do need our help, and could not work on their own. Usually, I talk about software problems and fixes in my blogs but today I will be talking about a situation where hardware is to be blamed. 

Have you ever wondered what will happen if the power button of your smartphone gets damaged/broken and stop working? What will you do? Most importantly, what would you do when your device is turned off and how would you switch it on? 

Today, I'll be focussing on each of the following aspects and tell you what exactly you should do if the problem arises. So, without any delay, let's discuss this issue:



How to fix your smartphone if Power Button is not working

Note: Although these tricks are for each and every smartphone, I still prefer this tricks would work best in Nokia smartphones due to features provided in Nokia PC Suite


1. Use Smartphone Charger to Charge your device

If your device is switched off and you're pretty confident that your device won't turn on because the power button is not working. You can charge your device immediately as charging your device will automatically switch on the device. This trick is only applied when the smartphone is already switched off and you're looking for a way to turn it ON.



2. PC Suite

Another best possible way to accomplish the task is to connect your smartphone with the PC Suite Using such software, you can command your device directly with the help of your PC/Laptop such as extraction of contacts, apps and manage data. Also, there is an additional option to turn your device on in some PC Suites. For example, Nokia PC Suite has this feature as well. 


3. Don't let the smartphone turn OFF

If you're so sure about the fact that the power button is not working or damaged, ensure that the smartphone always remains ON until you get it fixed from Service center. Also, make sure the display is turned on so that you won't need to unlock your device again and again. To do this, go to Settings> Display Settings> Display Time> 10 minutes.


4. Set an Alarm 

This might sound very much awkward but it's the most useful way to implement such thing. Whenever you set an alarm, you would not require to unlock your device again and again. Also, when your device is turned off, it will be switched On automatically at the time of Alarm 


5. Enter Safe Mode

If you're not sure about the whole situation, you can try Safe Mode such that your smartphone would work in Safe Mode without any external storage and memory and it would leave all the things unchanged. 


6. Use these Apps to use Volume Keys as Power Button 

There are various Android Apps which lets you use Volume keys to be used as Power Button such that you no longer would require Power button to switch on or unlock your smartphone. These apps are:

  1. Gravity Screen
  2. Knock On
  3. Proximity Actions

All these apps are free and available on Google PlayStore. You can use any of these apps to use Volume keys as the Power button.

So, these were some of the hacks you might be looking for when your device has broken or damaged Power button. I hope I made myself clear in explaining everything. If you have any extra points, please let me know in comments section.

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