Samsung Galaxy s9 + surpass iphone x to become best selling model in the year 2018

Samsung Galaxy s9 + surpass iphone x to become best selling model in the year 2018

We never thought that we would see the day when this could happen but that is what seems to have happened, iPhoneX has been dethroned with Samsung galaxy S9 sales topping it globally. For Samsung and its development team, they have a damn good reason to be pleased with themselves and as for Apple, it’s back to the drawing board and a time for the next generation of Apple phones to hit the market. With  most cell phone makers launching  a budget model and then a premium one every few months, the fact that Apple can be effectively dethroned should serve as a boost to the all the phone makers out there. At the least we should expect a renewed desire to come out with a new product every few months resulting in intense competition but laced with better features.

To recap, ever since Apple launched their iPhoneX, they had been ruling the smart phone market for a while. But all that’s changed in the last few months as the news of the global sales started trickling in. With most of the research backing up the fact that more Samsung Galaxy S9 were sold pan Asia and globally then iPhoneX, makes it apparent that consumers have started looking for phones that provide them with better benefits and the sort that comes with an attractive price tag.



One of the most touted complaints against iPhoneX was the fact that was that the pricing was way off the base, and it offered so little for so much and if that was not enough, we had the bezel issue to deal with. With Samsung providing its users with much more, for a lot less, it is easy to see why Galaxy S9 topped the scales.

The bezel issue continues to haunt iPoneX with more users cribbing about the same; you could think that the bezel is a small feature so what’s the big deal? Well, for starters, it impacts the overall design and look; if that was not enough other phone makers have recently launched their phones with the bezel feature but with an added provision for hiding the same.

Apple must be kicking itself for not thinking this one out for had it offered consumers better choice regarding the bezel, then maybe, just maybe, its sales might have shored up.  Either way, its time we took a closer look at the global stats and reviewed the same.

According to counterpoint research, Samsung Galaxy S9 plus and S9 continue to hog global sales in both APAC and NAM regions and landing the top two positions for global sales. Xiaomi continues to make its presence felt by landing the 6th and 8th positions for its models, Redmi 5A and Redmi 5 PLUS/Note PLUS. Xiaomi has managed to increase its sales figures mainly in China and India by offering its users affordable phones, at budget rates. 



With budget phones being the key, most of the cell phone companies have started focusing on developing handsets loaded with premium features and marketing the same at budget rates. With the price dropping over the cell phone market with model launches every few months, we can expect better cell phones, priced at some of the most competitive rates in the market as the competition becomes intensive and more cutthroat.

Getting back to the topic, it is easy to see why Samsung Galaxy S9 continues to be a top pick for most cell phone users. But what did surprise many is that iPhone7 still managed to show a decent performance where the APAC market was concerned which only underscores the performance of iPhone X for the same region. 

Apple still continues to dominate the cell phone market but only just; as better products are launched with more features and at affordable rates, Apple may find itself being left out in the cold as others from Samsung and Xiaomi get to march on ahead. Apple needs to focus on delivering better features and at least do some research to see if some of its new features will be appreciated better. It needs to come up with a better product if it is to shore up some of the falling sales globally. As for Samsung, well done indeed.

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