Download Android P Fonts and Emoji for any Android smartphones

Download Android P Fonts and Emoji for any Android smartphones

Android P has not been officialized yet, but guess what, we have some fonts and emoticons for Android P. Many of you might not be aware of the fact that Android P Beta 2 version was launched yet which has some amazing changes due to innovative features. 


Android P has added over 157 Emoticons in their new update to express your emotions very well to one another and it might be very relaxing for the users who like to chat with their smartphones.

Note: This trick doesn't need any rooted device, so you don't need to root your smartphone. However, you need to download an external app (Magisk Manager)

Download Android P Fonts and Emoticons


How to Install Android P Fonts for any Android smartphones

1. Download the Android P Fonts and Emojis using the link above. This link is in .zip format so you need to extract and then use it.

2. Launch the Magisk Manager on your smartphone.

3. Tap on the Hamburger Menu on the upper right corner of the screen.


4. Go to the Modules section.

5. To add any module, press Yellow Button and Click on '+' button.

6. Browse the Downloaded zip file (  and select it.

7. The installation process might take some time but the screen might look like this.


8. Once the process is done, reboot your device to make the most of it.


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