Top For hassle free typing, try out these 8 iPhone keyboard apps 2018

Top For hassle free typing, try out these 8 iPhone keyboard apps 2018

Well, some of us have trouble using both hands to type out the message and as a result, our messages are often rife with errors from spelling mistakes to the sort that would make the recipient go huh? If that sound familiar, then you definitely need to check out these 8 iPhone apps for hassle free typing. Until 2014, we had to make do with apple’s keyboard which gives the word ‘Tiny’ a giant complex but jokes aside, these 8 iPhone apps should definitely make for a cool addition to your iPhone.






Let’s start off with the best thing about this app; it comes with an integrated Google search feature, so you do not have to change apps to use the search feature but instead you can use the Google integrated search function to search for your information.



With location turned on, you can search for location specific results and even share the results with others as well.

The keyboard is of the right size and easy to use; moreover you can always alternate between the iOS keyboard and Gboard. With this app, you also get swipe testing feature on your iPhone which can be handy.

#Swift text keyboard


swift text keyboard


If you are the sort who makes a lot of mistakes when sending out text messages then this app should be just right for you. 

This app comes with free themes so you can customize the same accordingly; incidentally this app comes with comprehensive predicative test features along with auto-correct and bi-lingual support.



The app currently supports over 90 languages and is the only one of a select few to do the same. It also provides you with comprehensive stats on words typed, errors and speed with which you can improve your writing.

#Go keyboard

go keyboard

Go keyboard is one of the very few keyboard apps for iOS devices that enable you customize it altogether.

For starters, you can adjust the size of the keyboard, as well as the size of the various keys.  You can use this app immediately by gliding on the keys; it is that easy to use.

This app currently supports over 40 languages and it also comes with 100 colorful themes for you to pick and choose from.




Flesky is a free iPhone app but it also comes with a few in-app purchases; the app is easily customizable and easy to use. You can pick and choose your own theme from among countless others.

It also comes with GIF and stickers, making this app one of the favorite for obvious reasons.

It comes with gesture control by which you can delete items, you can also change the font size of this app.

#Touch pal keyboard


touch pal keyboard


If you are not too happy with your iPhone keyboard, then you would definitely want to try out this one for size.

The touch pal keyboard is a third party app, specifically designed for iPhones and it comes with several features like gliding over keys to enable seamless typing along with various cool themes and backgrounds.

 The interesting thing about this app is that it also comes with emoji predication which is not available in most of the other apps out there. It also comes with the swype feature which makes this app really easy to use.




As the name suggests, Bitmoji is not like any other run-of-the mill keyboard app; instead it comes with personalized emojis along with other features.

So If you were looking for a keyword app that is much more than text based, then this app happens to be it.

It focuses on delivering personalized emojis with your messages and is quite easy to install and use.

#Grammarly keyboard



Ever since grammarly came out with their own keyboard for androids, we all knew that their version for iPhones was overdue and would be released soon.

Now, we have a grammarly based app for iPhones; with this app, you can use some of the features like auto-correct and grammar checker and make sure that it is picture perfect.

The app is easy to download and install and with the single click of the mouse you should be able to check your passage for contextual grammar issues, and even use the spell check and rectify the errors.

The best part is that each time this app underlines a mistake or auto-corrects the same, it provides an explanation so you will understand the error and avoid repeating the same.

#Blink keyboard


blink keyboard


If you were looking for speed, flawless typing combined with a comprehensive auto-correct feature, then this one is it. The Blink keyboard is considered by many to be quite reliable and comes with a comprehensive auto-correct feature as well.

What makes this app stand out is the fact that it is customizable and comes with hand gestures with which you can control the app.

It’s on e hand feature coupled with the Swipe gesture and the fact that it comes with quick text with which you can start texting faster.



These are some of the iPhone apps that you need to check out in person for the fact that nearly all of them provide you with a much better virtual keyboard than apple does. Of course, we have to wait a while for the next update to see if there are any changes to the apple iOS keyboard.

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