Download wallpapers for ios 12

Download wallpapers for ios 12

With Apple all set to make the announcement for its next iOS update, the latest buzz doing the rounds is that it will extend the NFC capabilities of iPhone beyond just focusing on Apple pay. If that’s the case, then that’s something that we can all look forward to with the next update but it seems that with this next update, we should all be able to use our iPhone as a hotel room key, virtual card and much more.

Ever since Apple came out with Apple pay, others have been keen to get on board including the likes of Samsung. But with this update and if the rumors hold true, then guess we can all understand why Apple and its products continue to dominate an increasingly striated market.


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This update should help boost the performance of all iOS products including cross platform apps for iOS and MacOS. Although the look is going to be the same so you really should not expect much in terms of aesthetics but what you can expect is that in addition to all of the above, you should get 12 new stock wallpapers. Let’s take a closer look at the rumored update, shall we?


Allow us to state right away that this section of the article deals mainly on rumors that we have collated regarding the next iOS update from credible sources. The next update is codenamed peace and nope we do not have any clue as to why it has been given that moniker. But one thing is for sure, the next update will be focusing more on improving performance and bug fixes than anything else.


Some of those fixes and improvements are expected in digital health as well as augmented reality. Even though Apple initially wanted to go in for a complete update including change to the overall appearance, along with multi-window mode for iPads, Apple decided to push all those changes to 2019 and instead opted to focus on enhancing user experience.

#Enhanced NFC capabilities

Apple decided to open its NFC chips to third party developers and as a result, you should be able to get enhanced NFC capabilities on your iPhone. You can now use your phone to unlock your home, your car and do so much more which is why this update is eagerly anticipated. Apple in partnership with HID Global is coming up with more innovative features so we can expect much more in this direction with the next update as well.



#New animoji and face time integration

Apple took some flak for coming out with its animoji but time has certainly proved it right with others copying it down to the letter. Well, we can expect further updates to apple’s animoji with improvements. The other one that we may want to look at is the face time integration so that users can use their preferred animojis when making video calls. So you can expet something along these lines with the next update.

#Cross platform functionality

You can expect a boost in cross platform functionality with cross platform apps, thanks to MacOS 10.14. Now, developers can develop apps that work with touch screens across all apple products with ease. But the bad news is that along with the other key updates, this one too has been pushed back to next year.



#Parental controls

With this update, and the focus on digital control, parents can now control and optimize the amount of time that their kid spends on the phone. So if you are worried that your kid spends way too much time on the phone, then you would really appreciate this feature a lot.

#Other things that you can look forward to, with this update

Essentially, this update is supposed to come with 12 new stock wallpapers, a redesigned stocks app, along with support for FACE ID in horizontal orientation. The last one was much needed after the various issues that cropped up and hopefully this update should help take care of the same. You can also expect deeper SIRI integration along with enhanced “do not disturb” feature with more choices than ever before. And if that was not enough, you can also expect, revamped interface for importing media to ipads which should come in handy.



#IOS 12wallpapers

Even though the IOS update for a few more weeks, we have nevertheless managed to get our hands on some of them. Please check below and when the update rolls around, we will be posting a detailed review on the same. So please keep an eye out on the same and let us know right away what you thought of the update or for that matter, if you think apple should address some key issues. We respond right away to any comments and look forward to hearing from you on the same.



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