5 health and fitness apps june 2018

5 health and fitness apps june 2018

There are various reasons why you would want to start exercising more – either to look great and fit or as a way to reduce all that extra pounds you are currently ferrying about.

7 Minute workout:

7 minuts workout



This app is perfect for those who do not have the time for long intense workouts; granted that you have a busy schedule and setting aside some time for workouts can be difficult but the great part about the 7 minute workout is that it takes all of 7 minutes and not a minute more. The 7 minute workout follows on the premise of high intensity interval training or HIIT. Basically, you use the app to do a serious and intense 7 minute workout sessions as detailed by the app. The exercises are graded from easy to hard and you set your own pace.






C25K or couch to 5K sounds like an alien bot from the star wars franchise and well, it may well be seeing how it is designed to help you run over 5000. This app primarily focuses on running and before you give up on this app, you should know that it comes with detailed analytics that can help monitor your workout in comprehensive detail so that you can improve your previous performance. Although the app is tagged as C25K, that does not mean that you will be required to run all of 5000 in one go; rather the app sets up a curated schedule, of running and walking, three times a week.


30 day fitness challenge


30 day fitness challenge



This app is yet another workout app but with a difference; this one challenges you to exercise various parts of your body on a daily basis. Moreover, with this app, you will have a certain goal to achieve which can be quite helpful when it comes to setting up exercises and following through on the same. The app sets out a 30 day challenge for various parts of your body from abs to full body workout. It comes with various workouts and you would be required to workout daily; incidentally the app is free to download and install which is yet another reason that you would want to try this out.


My fitness pal



This app is the perfect app that every fitness disciple needs; it is a calorie counting app. One of the issues that most of those who are calorie conscious, often face is the fact that they would have to manually tabulate their daily calorie input. But with this app, you no longer have to scratch that head to count the calories in that dish of pav bhaji that you had just consumed. Instead this app, which comes with a great database of food items, should be able to do that in a jiffy for you. That’s why this is a great app as it can help you remain fit and trim and in the pink of your health.


Water drink reminder


water drink

Water is essential to all life but did you know that your body consisted of mostly 70% water or that you were supposed to drink at least 3-4 liters each day for your body to function smoothly. This app keeps track of your schedule and reminds you when it is time to drink some water during the course of the day. It is not possible to drink 4 liters In one go and chances are that you are supposed to drink the same in smaller portions and during the course of the day.  Well, this app comes handy as it sends you reminders when it is time to drink water so that you can do likewise. This app is free to download and you can install the same and get regular reminders on when you are supposed to drink some water.

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