Best mesh networks for this year [2018]: Get fater speed

Best mesh networks for this year [2018]: Get fater speed

If you happen to spend a lot of time waiting for your screen to load or for that movie to stream, then the issue could either be your ISP provider, or your router or that you are out of range of the Wi-Fi.

It can be downright irritating when the WiFi firm advertises their service as broadband and you find out later that you still have to keep counting chickens while the screen continues to buffer and you have to make do with the ‘loading’ logo. Perhaps, it is time to migrate to a mesh network since they are better and offer better value for your money.


#What is a mesh network?

A mesh network is one that extends the reach of the Wi-Fi so that you are able to access high speeds from any corner of your home. It should effectively help prevent any variation in speeds in your Wi-Fi so you should be able to access high speed internet from any room in your home;

it is also effective in nullifying ‘dead corners’. The cost can vary but if you were looking for a good mesh network, one that does not cost much, and then check out the list posted below.


#Reasons as to why you should opt for mesh network

With Wi-Fi extenders and various adapters clogging the market, you could probably wonder why you need to go in for a mesh network. The reason is simply this, ultra speed and the set up is so simple that you should be able to get the same set up in a matter of minutes. 



Mesh networks are primarily made of Wi-Fi nodes that communicate with each other and in a sense, they will ensure that you are able to get premium Wi-Fi signals at any corner of your home.  And the fact that they do  not come with a high price tag is just icing on the cake.

#1.Google Wi-Fi

google wifi

Everyone hates patchy internet at home and waiting forever for the movie to buffer or the screen to load should take forever. Google is the best there is when it comes to mesh networks, It comes with a dual band connection, AC1200 which essentially means that you should be able to surf at really high speeds and still count on the same being available all over your residence. The gear itself looks compact and neat, and better yet, they are quite easy to set up. Currently retailing at 14330 INR at Amazon India, this product is indeed a great buy.



The good part is about how you can customize this device to block access to certain sites, enable it to function only for certain times in a day and much more. The Google Wi-FI replaces your router and does great job of the same. The only downside is the speed at AC1200 when some of the competitors are offering better speeds, but if the current speed suits you, then you should definitely go for this product. You know that Google will announce a product update later so you can purchase this one and wait for the update.


#2. Net gear ORBI

netgear orbi

Orbi is more like an extender on steroids for it comes loaded with AC2200 and that’s over twice of what Google’s offering at the moment. Essentially, you get a main unit and a satellite linked one that you attach to a corner of your residence, and now all you need to do is to set up similar nodes covering your residence and you should soon be able to access high speeds from all corners of your home with ease.



It currently retails at 24999inr at Amazon India and the only downside is that its nodes are big boxes which is  a tad irritating. The setup is smooth, takes very little time to get it set up and running; the satellite boxes come with four etherenet ports and one for USB as well. As mentioned earlier, the size is a bit of a crimp as it looks more like an aromatherapy unit than a mesh network. But if you can get over the size, then this mesh network is really powerful.




BT Whole home utilizes your router and gives you access to some fantastic speeds such a AC 2600 and is also optimally priced. If you were looking for the best performing mesh network with really good speeds and an optimal pricing range, then this is the one that you need to get. BT Whole home comes with three satellites rather than one so you can count on better performance, for starters. It also comes with three satellite boxes which make it possible to cover a larger area than you would have been able to do so with other mesh networks.


#4. Linksys Velop


linksys velop


Linksys Velop comes with really scorching speeds with tri-band connection at AC2200; the weird part is that it looks like a Bluetooth tower rather than a network tower and that’s the truth. This mesh network comes with a compact design, is easy to set up and comes with two to three units that you need to set up all over your home.

This mesh network also offers better wireless range than the others do, the one downside is that it does not come with extra options but other than that, it is outstanding. It comes with a price tag of 25088 INR at Amazon India,



These are some of the best mesh networks out there; please remember to also read detailed reviews on all of them before making your purchase. At the end of the day, you need to decide which one works better for you and while you may want to naturally migrate towards the big branded items; it is always a good idea to check out the rest. We were pleasantly surprised to see that some of the other brands were outperforming the big guns but that’s us.

So Do review the various mesh networks and choose the one that will make a good fit. But also remember to find out if the mesh network will cover your home with all the nodes being operational. Good luck.


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