10 best cheap smartphone 2018: affordable budget for everyone

10 best cheap smartphone 2018: affordable budget for everyone

Ever since Reliance unveiled JIO, the bottom just fell out of the smart phone market with each mobile company being the first to cross the goal post by coming out with their cheap budget phone. Naturally, if you expected all these budget phones to be the same, you are bound to be in for a rude awakening of sorts. While it is true that most of these budget smart phones have a similar set up, some come with a few additional perks and if that was not enough, then there’s the price tag, and the added bonus of discounted offers for accessories. Each phone differs from the rest but here are some of our top picks, check it out.

Choosing the best cheap smart phone 2018 accoring there price

Whether you are looking for a back up smart phone or need to get one for your kid, then all you need to do is to review the list posted below – we got you covered. When it comes to pricing, they can vary a lot but each handset tends to focus more on one  aspect above all. So we would advise you to check out the list posted below.



#1. Honor view 10


honor 10 view


Honor view 10 comes with the same design, chipset, and software as the pro version but when it comes to budget phones; this one stands out for all the right reasons. It is a dual phone and comes with edge to edge display – what more can you expect to get at budget rates but there’s more. It comes with a aluminum body which is certainly both trendy and stylish, a must buy indeed. Currently priced at 29999 inr at Amazon India



#2. One plus 5T


oneplus 5t


The oneplus 5T comes with Snapdragon 835 processor and 6GB of RAM and that’s a lot. As a result, this handset can go head to toe with the big guns  out there and stlll come out on top. It also comes with similar specs as the pro model and comes with an aluminum chassis as well currently best offer Is set at 29999 INR.



#3. Sony Xperia XA1


sony xperia


Sony’s answer to budget smart phones, Xperia XA1 comes with 720p screen, camera at 23 MP, along with 3B RAM. It comes with a black cover and certainly looks stylish and trendy. The handset certainly makes a good effort at bringing more to the table, than most handsets at this price range which happens to be 16969 INR



#4. iPhone SE


iphone se


If you were surprised to see iPhone SE making a foray into the budget division, well, don’t be, for its smart planning given the fact that most of the top end smart phones can go toe to toe with iPhones and even outperform them. iPhone SE comes with all the internals of iPhone 6S but in a very compact setting. The software is more or less okay and its performance slick. It comes with a price tag of 19540 INR as well as a humongous battery.



#5. Samsung Galaxy A8


samsung a8


Samsung Galaxy A8 comes with no curved edges, glass back and all the requisite bells and whistles that you could ever want on a smart phone. It’s cameras both in the front and the back are really awesome, it also comes with Super-AMOLED screen, coupled with a strong eight-core processor and 4GB RAM, making it top of the line where budget phones are concerned. Currently, its retailing at 25399 INR.



#6. Motorola MOTOG6


moto g6


The one downside to this phone is that Motorola G6 does not come with a finger print scanner but it is outstanding in nearly every other aspect. It comes with a lush glass 3D design, as well as crisp resolution with 18: 9 aspect ratio, as well as IPS LCD full HD display. Storage is a bit on the low end at 32 GB but it comes with some great cameras especially the two rear cameras, and also comes with 4GB RAM with 64 GB internal storage.



#7. Nokia 8


nokia 8


Nokia’s budget smart phone Nokia 8 comes with a 5.8 inch display screen and runs on Snapdragon 835, with 64 GB internal storage and 13 MP dual sensor camera which makes this a great buy. But what’s interesting about this model is that it was initially priced at 400 GBP during launch and now it retails at 300 GBP and less. So with this model you should be able to get your money’s worth.



#8. Honor 9


honor 9


Honor 9, with its shiny metallic casing certainly stands out for all the right reasons. It may come with larger than expect bezels but the shiny metallic casing goes a long way to offset the same. Its performance is outstanding with Kirin 960 CPU and cameras that would look right at home at some of the premium phones out there.



#9. Huawei Y9


honor 9y


Huawei y9 comes with a real humongous battery at 4000 mAh, with a 18:9 aspect ratio; this phone is yet to be released but one can expect it to roll out by the end of this year. It comes with dual sensor rear cameras as well as face unlocking feature. This phone is expected to be priced at 245 GBP with 3GB RAM but we will have to wait till the launch happens.



#10. Vodaphone smart prime 7




This handset is the cheapest one in the whole list and it comes with a 5 inch screen along with a 720 P Display which should be great at this price range. It comes with all the requisite bells and whistles and runs on pure android, so it’s highly functional. This is the perfect budget phone for those interested in just using the phone for communication. This phone is not for playing those intense graphically rich video games but overall its performance is great given the pricing limitations.

These are some of the best budget smart phones out there; all and any of these smart phones should provide you with what you are looking for. We would advise you to check out detailed, in-depth reviews before opting to purchase any  of these phones. After all, you want to get the best for your money’s worth,  right?

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