5 Things you need to know about Xiaomi Mi 8 Camera

5 Things you need to know about Xiaomi Mi 8 Camera

Recently, Xiaomi has launched their flagship smartphone called Mi 8 and being a flagship smartphone, I guess it has done somewhat great in this industry. I can’t blame Xiaomi for introducing notch in Mi 8 as they always wanted a notch-smartphone and here they are. But what’s surprising in Mi 8 is it’s camera as many people are praising a lot. But here are some of the untold facts and figures that I’m going to talk about Xiaomi Mi 8’ camera which very less of you all would know. So, without wasting much time, let’s directly head to the Camera facts of Xiaomi Mi 8:

#Xiaomi Mi 8’s Camera is better than Apple iphone X’s camera:

This may seem awkward and shocking at once, but this is the truth which is the biggest news about Xiaomi Mi 8. When, iphone X was launched back in September 2017, no one would have thought of any smartphone who would surpass iphone X so easily. Talking more bluntly about this topic, Mi 8 got DxOMark ratings of 99 which is better than iphone X’s DxOMark ratings.



# 2x Optical Magnification:

This also may seem very boring for first but having 2x optical magnifications is a recommended thing in smartphone cameras as it does not affect the quality of image while magnifying the objects. So, you can see things clearly up to 2x which is a wonderful thing.


# IR Face Unlock Feature:


how to setup face id in mi 8


Many of the smartphones use Face Unlock feature but they use their front camera for this gesture. But Mi 8 has Infrared Face Unlock feature which means you can unlock your smartphone even in night without lights. You do not need lights for your smartphone to see your face and detect as IR senses lights of different wavelengths.

# +12Mp dual rear camera:



You get a dual rear camera with 12+12Mp camera which have High Dynamic Range, Dual Autofocus, Bokeh Mode, Slow-mo recording features. Overall, the camera specifications look very decent at first and with the DxOMark ratings, I’m sure the dual rear camera would impress us all.


# 20Mp Front Camera:

Lastly, for all those people who thought Xiaomi would forget giving front camera, Mi 8 has 20Mp front camera with f/2.0 aperture lens which is capable of clicking some fantastic images and recording videos. Also, it has front LED making it more useful at night conditions.


how to enable face id in mi 8


I guess Xiaomi has made a bold and interactive step towards upgrading their cameras and reaching to a level where Samsung, Huawei, Apple are fighting amonst themselves. It would be interesting to see how Xiaomi cops up and remains in the competition.



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