Here is how to download and install android P beta for oppo R15 PRO

Here is how to download and install android P beta for oppo R15 PRO

Well, we all cheered the news that the android P beta is now widely available and that we can give it a spin and test it out; naturally Google has supplied us with the requisite downloads for the various phones out there. It should also be pointed out that some of the latest ones seem to come with an auto version for installing the required android p beta update. Essentially, this update is not the final version and that there are tweaks that would still be required. What Google is doing is that it its beta testing its product thanks to the millions of android users out there. Without much further ado, here’s how you can download and install android P beta for Oppo’s R15 PRO.



Usually, as with the announcements made at last Google’s I/O it was fully expected that only pixel devices would be allowed to test out android P beta, but this year’s conference came out with a nice surprise in the sense that now, all android users can test Google’s baby provided their phone meets the requirements. Google has already released the list of devices that it thinks is compatible enough to run android P beta –one plus, oppo, vivo, Sony, essentials, HTC devices and now Oppo R15 PRO have all made the cut. Anyway this is what you need to do to download and install android oreo p beta on your phone.



Before installing it on your phone, please note that the android p beta comes with a few issues that are yet to be resolved – from, WiFi not working properly, camera issues, abnormal call behavior when made using Volte, video play back and music player isssues. It should be pointed out that this latest android version is still in the beta stage, so please keep these issues in mind and if you still want to install android P beta do follow the steps listed below. DO please remember to do a proper back up of your data before you install android P beta on it.

Download Android P beta for Oppo R15 Pro

Steps to install android P beta

  1. First make sure that your phone is all charged up
  2. Make sure that you have the latest version installed in your R15. Now, head over to the right download link for android P beta for oppo R15 and download the zip folder to your pc
  3. You can either download the required file to your system or we would advise that you use your phone’s browse to download the zip folder and save it to your phone’s memory.
  4. Now turn off the power completely in your Oppo R15   
  5. Now press the volume+ power button at the same time; this should help your phone to boot in the recovery mode.
  6. Once you are inside the recovery mode, head to internal storage and locate the “R15 Dream Edition Android P Preview.ozip” that you had just downloaded.
  7. All you have to do now is to select the zip file and click on install
  8. Once the installation is complete, you can reboot your phone and that’s that.

With these steps, you should be able to successfully download and install android p beta on to your oppo R15 without any hassle.

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