With the just finished launch of one plus 6, it soon became evident that all was not golden as we could tell quite a few things were missing in One plus latest flagship model for 2018. Sporting a sleek design and with a 6.28 inch screen, one plus six is powered by QualComm Snapdragon 845, an Octa-core chipset running on Kryo cores with clock speeds up to 2.8 Ghz, Upto 8GB LPDDR4X RAM, UFS 2.1 Storage. But even with most of the specs matching up to the rumors including the one on the primary camera at 20 MP and an aspect ratio of 19:9, we still feel that one plus six missed out on quite a few things and all of which are posted below.

  • Wireless charging:  this is one feature that was much talked about even with last year’s release and every single rumor that did the rounds this year hinted that one plus six comes with wireless charging features. No such luck for it is back to the grist mill for all the rumor mongers out there. One plus six comes with fast charging features including dash charging which is ok but not so much when you consider that the phone was supposed to feature wireless charging along with its glass back. Guess we will have to wait for a while for that to happen.


  • Water resistance: the phone does not come with any official certification by any independent body regarding its water resistance properties. Let us state right year that the hardware does seem to support the notion that the phone is water resistant but as yet, there’s no certification to the same. This makes it a little hard for anyone to buy into alleged one plus six’s supposedly water resistance properties and it does not make sense that a company that develops such a model would stint on getting it certified for the same. So for the moment, we would have to say that the phone is not water resistant until we test it out by dropping it in water. Feel free to let us know if you plan to do something along those lines.


  • Stereo speaker: Whichever way you spin it, this is bad. Yes the mono speakers on this phone are good and loud but fail miserably when it comes to the quality you get with stereo. So unless you plan to only listen to a single man on cymbals all day long then you would need stereo speakers for that crystal clear sound. It just boggles the mind that one plus six would miss out on something as big as this as most of the latest releases all have stereo set up, even the budget models. There’s no reason why one plus six would want to go mono…just too damn puzzling.


  • Super slow motion: Let’s just start right off by saying that this is not a feature everyone wants or uses daily; super slow motion feature is more of an add-on and does not offer much to its users in terms of functionality. That being said, there are a lot of stuff you can do with slow motion , like dragging the frame, slowing the speed of the video all the way down and capturing perfect moments of the same.  But what’s puzzling many is why the one plus six is offering slow mo at 480fps when some of the other phones offer nearly twice that, at 960 fps.


  • FM radio app: There’s a reason why many still continue to listen to FM radio despite streaming services like Spotify and others; at the moment one plus six does not feature any native app for FM radio which sucks in more ways than one. FM radio should be an integral part of any phone or at least the top end ones but one plus six has opted to shove it out of the door.

These are all the things that’s currently missing on the one plus six phone which incidentally still manages to stand out despite these short comings. Some of these will be addressed either in the next update or the next product release but until then, you will have to make do with one plus six with these current limitations.


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